You Can Easily Wear This Timeless Boot Any Time of the Year

I've learned a great deal about myself during my time in quarantine. But if there's one thing I can take away from my day-to-day, it's that now more than ever adding classics into my wardrobe is far more important than buying ultra-trendy items. Pre-quarantine, I used to shop strictly based on trends. This meant I was frequenting fast fashion more than I wanted to, and I wasn't getting any longevity out of the pieces I would spend my money on. So when I finally was forced to take a step back and pay closer attention to my habits, I realized that this shopping style wasn't doing me any favors. Now, I'm more strategic about what I choose to add to my wardrobe, and part of that is selecting brands that will not only integrate seamlessly into my wardrobe but will last more than one season.

Clarks, with their signature Desert Boot, has always been on my radar, and I'm not the only one. Danie Sierra and Linh Niller agree, so I caught up with them to get some outfit inspiration for how they're styling the classic desert boot in two neutral shades. We came up with four timeless looks you can easily recreate with desert boots.


Suiting looks

Suiting has become a mainstay in every fashion girl's wardrobe, and we don't see it going anywhere. Sierra combined a monochrome suit look with her Clarks in an outfit that brings brown tones front and center.

Cool socks

My favorite part of this outfit? The socks paired with the boots. It's no secret that cool socks are 2020's hottest accessory, so I love how Sierra subtly incorporated this trend into her classic look.


New York street style

We all know cardigans are the jacket style for 2020. Whether it's a lightweight one for balmy summer nights or the one you have on hold for when temps cool down, Sierra says it's all about keeping it simple. "When I was styling different outfits with these boots, I found myself putting together looks that are pretty simple. The shoe does enough speaking for itself, where I wouldn’t need to go all out with styling an outfit with them."

New York street style

The best part of this look besides how easy it is to wear? The fit of the shoe. "One thing that every reader needs to know about the desert boot is that it is extremely comfortable and light. It almost feels like you have nothing on."


All-black outfits

I've said this before, and I'll say it again: I love an all-black look. Niller styled a summer-ready outfit that stands the test of time with her classic boots. "I love pairing a monochrome look with the Clarks Desert Boot because the sand suede stands out more," she says. I agree, and I love the way the color combination lends itself to a chic and elevated outfit I'll 100% wear at one point this summer.

Summer outfits

And like myself, Niller has been simplifying her wardrobe in recent months. When shopping for a pair of versatile boots like the Clarks Desert Boot, look for a color that will go with most of what you already own. I own more black and white than I'd like to admit, so for me (and Niller) neutral shades like this fits into my wardrobe perfectly.


White jeans

Second only to my favorite all-black outfits, are chic white-on-white ensembles. This outfit—a button-down shirt and slouchy boyfriend jeans—is the kind of classic ensemble I was talking about. It's easy to wear, especially in the summer. Niller says she would "wear the all-white outfit anywhere this season because it's casual enough for a picnic with friends, taking a stroll during the day, or walking my dogs."


Keep this outfit in mind when you're ready to safely leave your house and want something classic to step out in. "I love that we are easing into our day-to-day routine and not in a major rush to go anywhere all the time, which is the typical New York City speed. Because of that, I tend to reach for my desert boots, which are comfortable enough for a stroll but still fun enough to wear out, since my time outside is the time I get to express my style and personality," Niller says.