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If there's one thing I'll always stand by, it's that no outfit is complete without jewellery. Whether it's the simplest everyday look or a standout evening ensemble, the true testament of style can be found in those finer details. And once you discover the power jewellery can yield in changing a look, you'll find that you can't get dressed without it. This is precisely why I've spent years curating a selection of versatile pieces I can wear day in and day out, elevating everything else I choose as I go. These treasured pieces have become part of my identity, so much so that leaving the house without slipping on a ring or putting on a necklace feels wrong.

When it comes to assembling your jewellery essentials, there's a lot to be said for investing in precious pieces of high quality and quiet-luxury design. After all, they're with you 24/7, so the cost per wear is justifiable. And one brand that has combined the solid precious metals, craftspersonship and innovation that editors look for when investing in jewellery is 886 by The Royal Mint.


Since its launch in 2022, 886 by The Royal Mint has proven itself to be a standout in the jewellery industry. Created by The Royal Mint, the official maker of British coins, the jewellery line benefits from over 1100 years of knowledge and heritage, culminating in unrivalled quality that's discernible in each and every piece of this debut collection. But don't let the term "heritage" throw you—the collection is incredibly current. There's a contemporary feel woven into the uniformed silhouettes and minimalist designs that's sure to be favoured by anyone looking for timeless, trend-proof jewellery.

Sustainability lies at the heart of 886 by The Royal Mint. For the pieces made in-house at The Royal Mint in South Wales, the gold is obtained from electronic waste whilst the silver is reclaimed from X-ray film, a clever use of precious materials which, until now, has been disregarded. The innovation of 886 doesn't stop there, as ingenious design is an identifying feature of the brand. For example, the caustic image on the signet rings and tower pendant play upon light and refraction by creating shadows of hearts or the outline of The Royal Mint's quintessential Tower when light bounces off of them. Or you can buy a cuff that's engraved with a hidden poem. The poems, written by British poets in the 19th century, speak of the enduring allure of precious metals and also link back to the heritage of the brand itself. Beyond these styles almost all the collection, save for the stud earrings, can be customised with engravings by the in-house jeweller at the 886 boutique in Burlington Arcade. It's thoughtful touches like these that demonstrate the 886 artisans' commitment to how each piece looks and feels.

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I never leave the house without at least one ring in tow. The real beauty of rings is that you can wear one or layer up for a bolder effect. With silver returning to prominence in recent seasons, I've been mixing metals and stacking sterling silver with white and yellow gold rings on a single finger, embracing and highlighting the contrast. Clearly, 886 by The Royal Mint has considered this, as its bands come in three sizes— standard, fine and bold—allowing you to choose which silhouettes suit your stack. Within the ring collection, you'll also find the unique caustic signet ring, which creates the striking Tower shadow when hit by the light, a one-of-a-kind style that's more than meets the eye. Another that deserves mention is the minimalist, unisex pavé ring, a contemporary take on the classic diamond wedding band.


The true mastery of 886 by The Royal Mint is demonstrated through the harmony of classicism and modernism. Looking to the chain bracelets, the use of belcher and rope chains shows clear understanding that these styles have remained on-trend for decades and will continue to do so. I've touched upon the cuff bracelets, which feature inscriptions from 19th century English poets remarking on the enduring allure of precious metals, which further plays into the personal nature of our everyday jewellery. The cuff bracelets also feature cut lines on the inside, indicating portions of gold that link back to the bullion bar silhouette. The brand has considered every wearer's personal style, with the enlarged cuff lending itself to the maximalist whilst its refined design could attract even the most dedicated minimalist. Lastly, the sculptural bangle takes minimalism in stride with a pared-back silhouette. For evening, I like to stack up my bracelets, combining the classic silver with the standout pavé bangle for added sparkle and a more dramatic effect.


A chain necklace is the one piece of jewellery that I never take off, and I recommend making one the starting point of your jewellery collection. From there, you can add pendants and more chains of different lengths to build you own personal necklace stack. The elegant design of 886's chains makes them wearable on their own or in combination with one of the many pendant styles on offer. As a nod to its origins, the brand has created bullion bar pendants with hallmarking on the undersides including the exclusive Cross Crosslet, the prestigious Tower Mark and a Coronation Hallmark. Each one of these feels like a heritage piece to pass down through generations but still retains modern simplicity. Similar to the caustic signet rings, the caustic necklace pendants also play with light and shadow. (The heart emblem is sure to be a winner for gifting.)


If you're building your collection and aren't sure where to start, there are signature pieces that can guide you. When building my collection, I started with classic hoops that I can rely on every single day, whether I'm wearing a T-shirt and jeans for the weekend or an elevated ensemble for dinner. (886 by The Royal Mint has both thin and wide huggie styles to choose from.) For rings, I'd start with a timeless, fine band that can be the foundation for a ring stack. I like to change which finger I wear it on depending on whether I'm styling it alone or with other rings in my collection. The unisex rope chain bracelet is both timeless and has a slight streetwear edge. You can match it with a rope chain necklace to pull the collection together or add contrast with a thinner necklace such as the sleek Trace Chain with a button pendant.

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