How Our Readers Embrace a Body-Positive Approach to Dressing

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We'll admit it—we use the term flattering quite a lot. It's been thrown around in the fashion world for a while now, and we think it's finally time to reverse that language. After all, there's no singular way to dress, a topic we've tackled in a variety of ways throughout the month of May. We firmly believe that wearing what makes you feel like the best version of yourself is what ends up looking the best on you, no matter the cut or color. With that in mind, we're flipping the script on "dressing for your body type" and talking about how you can dress to highlight your favorite body part instead. It's what we call body love, and it's about actively embracing the best parts of ourselves.

Sure, we could tell you all day long about how to embrace a "body love" mentality when you get dressed every morning, but we wanted to hear how you, our impressive readers, are taking it to heart. We reached out to all of our readers, and of the many responses we received, there were eight of you who stood out to us for how you embrace "body love" in your personal style. Whether you're opting for dresses with a leg slit to show off your amazing legs or fearlessly wearing your favorite crop top despite what you've always been told about the tricky top, we can't help but be inspired by your how you highlight your favorite body parts.

See how Who What Wear readers are redefining what flattering means to them by dressing for their favorite body parts and then shop the pieces that make them feel their best.

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Name: Noore

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

The body part she loves most: "I've never really thought about which part of my body I love the most. I've always been pretty good about loving my body in general, but I really love my back, I think it looks very feminine. Backs are so underrated."

How she dresses to flatter that body part:

"As a hijabi, my back is never on display, so I don't necessarily shop to flatter it. I try to find pieces that are flattering while keeping in line with my personal definition of modesty. Flattering clothes can make such a difference, but I also need to be comfortable. Well-fitting jeans are so important to me and I always feel great in a high-waisted pair with an oversize crop top."

how to dress to flatter your favorite body part



Name: Nnenna

Hometown: Oslo, Norway

The body part she loves most: "I haven't thought about that actually, but I guess I have to say that my favorite part of my body is my legs. Even though they're not modelesque legs, they are my favorite part."

How she dresses to flatter that body part: "I love to buy dresses that with slits so that I can show off my legs!"

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Name: Ellie

Hometown: Paris, France

The body part she loves most: "My legs because I was a ballet dancer for many years and the training gave my legs a really nice shape."

How she dresses to flatter that body part: "To flaunt my legs, I wear dresses that stop just a little bit higher up the knee or wrap skirts with slits."

Name: Cassandra

Hometown: Huntington Beach, California

The body part she loves most: "I love my breastbone. It protrudes and is noticeable against my small chest. All the women in my family have similar breastbones, and I think it is so beautiful and feminine."

How she dresses to flatter that body part: "I love wearing lower-cut pieces since they don't tend to look revealing. I especially love a looser low-cut blouse with layered dainty necklaces."

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Name: Gess

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

The body part she loves most: "I love my bust and waist the most."

How she dresses to flatter that body part: "I use fashion as a way to express myself in the world and as a way to reclaim my body on my own terms. I love crop tops, even though I'm told that plus-size girls shouldn't wear them. No matter what, they make me feel youthful and flirty."

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Name: Meeka

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

The body part she loves most: "I love my clavicle bones. I think they're the sexiest part of the female body to highlight without showing too much skin."

How she dresses to flatter that body part: "I love turtlenecks with one side showing the clavicle bone, or a single-sleeved dress."

Name: Passant

Hometown: Cairo, Egypt

The body part she loves most: "I don't have a favorite body part, but so many people compliment me for my legs that I've learned to love them. Now they've become my favorite body part."

How she dresses to flatter that body part: "I love to wear mom jeans these days, especially with short cardigans and square-heeled shoes. Another favorite is my flared cropped jeans because they elongate the looks of my legs."

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Name: Rahayu

Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia

The body part she loves most: "My legs. I have long legs—maybe not as long as others—but it's a body part that I always feel confident showing."

How she dresses to flatter that body part: "I like wearing skirts, flare jeans, and shorts to flatter my legs."

We use the term flattering a lot, but what does it actually mean? Fashion girls sound off.