We're Calling It: These Wellness Supplements Are Going to Be Big

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If winter weather has left you feeling a bit lackluster, you're not alone. Not only do the temperatures wreak havoc on your complexion while simultaneously drying out your hair and nails, but the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables may have your gut feeling out of whack too. But before you drop a pretty penny on fancy dietitians or wellness products, hear us out…

Legendary makeup artist Bobbi Brown recently launched EVOLUTION_18 an affordable line of wellness supplements sold through its exclusive retailer, Walmart, and our editors can't get enough. Made of highly effective, clean, and simple ingredients, the products target multiple beauty concerns from the inside out. Plus they're affordable, so you can reap the benefits without shelling out major $$$. Whether you're looking for stronger nails, shinier hair, or glowing skin, shop the supplements now (and thank us later).

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