Dealing With Redness and Acne? This Viral Ingredient Is My Secret Weapon

Normally, my skin is not its best self come January. The cold, dryness, and lack of daylight bring out a combination of redness and dullness—something I always forget is possible until I see it. But this year, miraculously, I’ve avoided my dreaded January Skin™, and I think I have one thing to thank: blue tansy. Three of the products in my regular rotation feature the jewel-toned ingredient: the Kate McLeod Face Stone Moisturizer, Testament Beauty Sleeping Mask, and Lord Jones Sublime Pore Detox CBD Face Oil

Aside from the fact that I knew blue tansy A) was pretty, B) smelled nice, and C) seemed to calm my sensitive skin, I didn’t know much about the ingredient. So I reached out to Tracy Evans MD, MPH, board-certified dermatologist and the medical director of Pacific Skin and Cosmetic Dermatology, to shed some light. 

What Is Blue Tansy?

blue tansy skincare products


Lindy Segal

“Blue tansy (Tanacetum annuum) has blooms that are actually yellow in color and is cultivated in Morocco,” explains Evans. So then, you may ask, how does it get that recognizable scent and color? “The oil has a sweet, herbal fragrance due to its camphor content,” explains the derm. “When the flowers and the stems are gathered and steam-distilled, one of the components of the oil, chamazulene, is released. When this chemical is heated, it turns a deep-blue, indigo color.” 

How Does Blue Tansy Benefit Skin?

blue tansy skincare products



Aside from me and my red, inflamed skin, those with acne-prone skin may find blue tansy beneficial. “Although there is little evidence-based research, two components of the oil may have some positive anti-inflammatory actions that could be helpful for acne,” says Evans. “Sabinene and camphor both can aid in inflammatory disorders. As acne has an inflammatory component, especially when it is red and irritated, this oil may be helpful to calm the redness in the skin.”

While the ingredient is generally well tolerated, it is an essential oil, which some people find irritating. “People who are sensitive to herbal supplements should be cautious before using this topical,” says Evans, who also recommends a patch test. “Before using this oil, check for potential allergies by applying a small amount on the inner arm for three days to make sure no contact allergies appear on the skin.” 

Ready to give it a go? Keep reading for 16 of the best blue tansy products out there.

The Best Blue Tansy Skincare Products

blue tansy skincare products



It may seem counterintuitive to use a facial oil to unclog pores, but trust me—this one does just that. It absorbs in a flash, balances sebum levels thanks to jojoba oil, squalane, and full-spectrum CBD and helps fight breakouts in the process with blue tansy and tea tree. 

On days when my skin is especially irritable, I know I can rely on this sleep mask (aka, fancy nighttime moisturizer). The niacinamide, plant-based peptides, vitamin C, and blue tansy work in tandem to help bring my skin back down to earth—and the natural chamomile scent lulls me in to a sleepy bedtime-ready state.

This solid face moisturizer has a low-comedogenic kokum butter base that melts on contact, plus plum kernel, rose-hip, grape-seed, and camellia oils for additional hydration. But that pale seafoam color? That comes from tamanu oil and blue tansy, which help calm and color-correct redness. 

The color of this face balm is about as good as it gets, but luckily, it’s more than just looks. Super-moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, camellia-seed oil, and virgin marula oil soften and cushion even the driest skin, while blue tansy helps reduce redness and irritation. 

This jelly mask is made just for dry and sensitive skin types. The added hyaluronic acid hydrates skin, while blueberry extract and turmeric add antioxidant protection. It’s practically a January Skin™ miracle. 

This bright-blue cleansing balm is a must for dry skin types. Not only does it nourish skin as it removes makeup and excess oil, but it can also be used as a face mask. Simply leave on for up to 20 minutes to let the blue tansy, German chamomile, and moringa butter calm and moisturize skin. 

Herbivore’s line of blue tansy products is actually what introduced me to the ingredient, including this pretty gel mask. Rather than the typical clay masks used to treat acne, the cooling formula feels refreshing but still offers the same breakout-fighting benefits thanks to willowbark extract (which contains salicylic acid), exfoliating fruit enzymes, and the titular blue tansy. 

This milky serum got its name because it’s, well, the total package. In addition to blue tansy for skin clarity, it also has hyaluronic acid and ceramides to hydrate and strengthen skin and licorice extract to reduce redness.

Crafted in small batches, this face oil contains a blend of ingredients intended to enhance your glow. In addition to blue tansy, it’s also naturally rich in vitamin C and omega-3, -6, and -9, so it protects, seals in moisture, and clarifies all in one.

This lightweight serum also has a little bit of everything: bakuchiol (a plant-based retinol alternative), carrot oil to moisturize, and, of course, blue tansy to keep things calm.

Chillhouse, the NYC-based spa, lives up to its name in both experience and its product line, including this tansy-tinged face oil. Massage onto skin before bed, and wake up to a glowier, more rested-looking complexion in the morning. 

Thanks to its clarifying properties, blue tansy is a great addition to toners targeted to acne-prone skin. With aloe vera, witch hazel, and rose water, Blume’s toner mist refreshes and helps clear up even the angriest complexions. 

A blend of three “blues”—tansy, chamomile, and yarrow—lends a calming touch to this moisturizing face balm, which also contains marula and prickly pear seed oils to help seal in hydration.

This super-rich hand-and-body butter is a miracle for dry skin. And although it comes in a variety of scents and formulas, the blue tansy and chamomile option is sweet and relaxing, particularly when used before bed.

The ingredient’s skin-clearing superpowers extend below the neck as well. Case in point: Megababe’s toning body mist, which also relies on salicylic acid, witch hazel, and niacinamide to easily clear body breakouts. 

With go-to hydrators like aloe, jojoba oil, and shea butter, this body cream is already off to a great start. But it’s the touch of blue tansy and lavender that takes it to the next level in soothing parched skin.