These Worth-the-Money Night Creams Practically Transform My Skin Overnight

The best night creams worth the money



I'll just be straight with you: I'm a complete fiend for night cream. I just love the fact that whatever your concerns may be, there's a night cream for that. Now, I know you all enjoy drugstore contenders (and so do I), but today, I'm here to make a case for the higher-end options. Why? Simple—they really work.

Thankfully, as a beauty editor, I've had the opportunity to try plenty and can confidently say I've found a few that I think are 100% worth the money. If my skin could actually talk, she (yes, she's a she) would tell you just how appreciated these creams are for restoring her radiance, plumping those fine lines, and providing extra hydration for those drier months. If you're willing to make room in your budget for one of these babies, scroll through below for all my picks.

The best night creams worth the money



If the beauty world had something equivalent to the Oscars, SkinCeuticals' Triple Lipid Restore would win in every category. It's incredible for mature skin types, but it's equally as amazing for those in their younger years who are looking to do some preventative care. At first, I thought this moisturizer would be too heavy for my particular skin type, but after checking my handy-dandy pore-clogging-ingredient checker, I was pleasantly surprised to learn it has zero potential triggers. Let me tell you, once I got my hands on it, I noticed just how quickly the potent formula works. My smile lines and crow's-feet have softened significantly, and my overall complexion looks a lot brighter and more even.

This product is a more recent favorite, as the brand was kind enough to send a sample my way. To give you the CliffsNotes version: I love it. You can tell a lot of research was put into this formula based on how quickly it works. It's packed with antioxidants, peptides, and fermented minerals to help restore skin to its youthful glow and even works well on the neck area. I do have to say it does contain beeswax and shea butter—two ingredients you might want to avoid if you're oily or highly acne-prone. Personally, I haven't had too much of an issue, but to be on the safe side, I don't think I'll be using this every single night.

I know a full eight to eight and a half hours of sleep is hard to come by these days. But with this night cream, you can at least look like you got a full night's rest. It has ingredients like super lotus and peach leaf extract that help mend your skin's barrier overnight. Any time I use it, I wake up with skin that looks fresh and rejuvenated before I've even started cleansing—definitely a rare occurrence for me.

I've used this cream on and off over the years, and honestly, it's something I'll always continue to stock up on. It features a host of soothing botanical extracts that aren't necessarily nighttime specific, but I like using it at night to give my skin an extra boost. It also helps reduce sebum production, which I've noticed is extremely helpful at clearing breakouts overnight.

I've grown pretty fond of Lord Jones products. The brand's Bump + Smooth CBD Body Serum ($60) really came through for me when I was dealing with some not-so-nice backne once upon a time. I decided to give the Acid Mantle Repair Moisturizer a try as well and was not disappointed. It's a great option for the winter months, as it provides long-lasting hydration without being greasy. If you use a retinol serum or prescription-strength retinoids, it's definitely worth trying. 

I loved Charlotte's OG Magic Cream so much I decided to give her retinol-infused sister product a go for my p.m. routine. I mainly use this on nights I don't use tretinoin, my prescription retinoid. Sometimes, using tretinoin on a daily basis can be too harsh on my skin, so I like to alternate by using either a gentle retinol serum like Shani Darden's Retinol Reform ($88) or this cream. I have to say my skin always looks extra glowy in the morning when I use this one. 

Whew, I know this one is a splurge, but I'll always vouch for it anyway. As soon as I was introduced to IS Clinical way back when I got my first facial, I started buying every product I could get my hands on. I was completely obsessed with the way the products made my skin look and feel after the aesthetician used a few on my face. I eventually worked up to this cream, which feels so pillow-soft on your skin that you'll never want to use another moisturizer again. Okay, that's a bit extreme, but it does deliver a more-than-luminous complexion in the a.m. that you'll definitely want to maintain.

Look, I don't use this one all the time because, as you can tell by the name of the product, it's extra rich. And if you're like me and have combination skin (thank you, prescription retinoids), you'll want to use this lightly. I still think it's a great option for those who have dry skin and want a high dose of plant magic courtesy of Harper's potent formula.

I love this restorative cream because it contains niacinamide, a star ingredient I always make sure is in my routine. I dealt with some pretty bad acne as a teenager and into my early 20s, which left me with a few dark spots and uneven patches of skin. Using products with niacinamide has really upped my skincare game and improved my entire complexion. This moisturizer also has centella asiatica extract, which is great for soothing inflammation and mending your skin's barrier.

I use this as another option for my off nights from tretinoin. My skin always feels firmer and more radiant the next day after applying it. I also like that it has niacinamide, too.

This product is pretty buttery, so I only use it once in a while. It's another great option for drier skin types, though. It contains alguronic acid sourced from algae and skin-mimicking ceramides to improve the appearance of fine lines.

Osea's cream is deeply hydrating and protects against environmental stress. It's not specifically a night cream, but I like to use it at night sometimes (especially during the winter) if my skin is feeling extra parched.

A few budget-friendlier favorites: