The Newest Blonde Hair Color Trends Will Convince You to Finally Go Blonde

Every once in a while, I ask myself, Should I go blonde? I’m a die-hard brunette, so the answer is usually no, but sometimes the blonde hair trends are so good that they force me to reconsider. Right now is one of those times. Blonde hair has never been better, and it’s due to tons of traditional blonde rule-breaking and innovation. 

This year’s biggest blonde trends are all about dimension. “We have seen a lot of solid and deeper roots to emulate or reflect natural regrowth,” says Richy Kandasamy, colorist and R+Co Collective member. No one wants harsh regrowth lines anymore—everyone is keeping it soft.



If you’ve never gone blonde before, don’t be scared—the blonde shade you’ve been dreaming of is totally possible. Be sure to manage your expectations, though.You won’t be able to go from dark hair to platinum blonde in one fell swoop. “Be okay with different tones in the process to get to your desired blonde and to help keep the integrity and elasticity of your hair,” says Redken brand ambassador, hairstylist, and educator Leysa Carrillo.

“Take it in stages to keep your hair in optimum condition during the process, especially if you are starting with darker hair,” says Matrix brand ambassador George Papanikolas. “Darker hair can require several appointments to get to the desired tone, as orange is usually one of the first stages. It's important to consider the time and financial resources needed to not only get you blonde but to also maintain it.”

You also need to make sure that the colorist you see specializes in your specific hair texture, according to Carrillo. This is especially important if you have curlier hair.

Pumpkin Cream

“I would describe pumpkin cream hair color as medium blonde to light blonde hair color that has copper, gold, and red undertones—reminiscent of pumpkin. This color is trending after summer or autumn because clients start to lose their summer tan and the weather starts to get cooler and gray, so your skin tends to get cooler or pale. By adding those soft warm shades, it makes the skin look more healthy and shiny. If you have a cool skin tone and pink or white complexion, I would advise pumpkin cream hair with copper and orange tones. If you have a warm skin tone and olive or dark complexion, I would advise pumpkin cream hair with honey and amber tones.” —Kandasamy

Bombshell Blonde

“Platinum and bombshell blonde are making a strong impact. The key is to keep the yellow tones at bay. It’s recommended to do a violet or ash-based toner during your salon appointment, then follow up at home with a violet neutralizing pigment shampoo or mask.” — Papanikolas



Multidimensional Blonde

“I’m seeing a lot of very delicate and sophisticated all-over blonde trends. It’s all about creating an illusion of a multidimensional hue of tones—like the rosy peach sorbet blonde. You are visually seeing pinkish and copper tones blending together. That will make all-over blondes look more alive and expensive.” — Kandasamy



Tons of Contrast

“One of the biggest trends for blonde hair I’ve been seeing recently in the salon is high contrast with a money piece in the front.” — Carrillo

Bronde Balayage

“The balayage trend is still going strong this year. The main reason is that it can be tailored to suit your skin tone and work with natural hair color allowing even the darkest hair to go ‘blonde’ with flattering results.” — Papanikolas

Deep Blonde

“People are being more accepting of warmer tonalities for all-over blonde color.” — Carrillo

Dark Roots

“One thing that has become universal is leaving some depth at the roots. We are finding that the depth—even one shade darker on a platinum blonde—gives a more flattering end result and keeps you from looking washed out.”  — Papanikolas

Peachy Platinum

“Peach rose sorbet blonde, which is working on platinum or very light blonde hair as a base or canvas, then toning the hair with a delicate peach rose. This will lighten up everyone’s face and skin tone for the winter. It’s basically a sophisticated lighter strawberry blonde, so blue and green eyes will pop and cool skin tones will look more healthy.” — Kandasamy





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