14 Comfortable Outfits That Will Help You Survive Black Friday

It may be hard to believe, but in a mere matter of weeks, Thanksgiving will have come and gone. You know what that means—Black Friday is upon us. Whether you plan to set up camp as you wait in line for the best in-store deals or prefer to sit back until the madness has ended, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to do either in style (and comfort). What does that mean for you? That you’ll want to be armed and ready with the best Black Friday outfits you can get your hands on—and as luck would have it, we’re giving you a head start.

Between hours spent waiting for stores to open and fending off other shoppers while you hold on to your best purchases, Black Friday shopping can be, well, hectic. To make the day a little easier on you, we gathered our favorite outfits that’ll guarantee your maximum comfort for hours. Since we’d rather you focus all your attention to navigating this season’s best deals, we figured this was the least we could do. Ready to shop the most comfortable Black Friday shopping outfits yet?

A dress and an effortless leather jacket will allow you to keep on moving throughout the day.

Can't go wrong with a graphic T-shirt and jeans.

Need something quick to throw on? Opt for a pair of overalls and a turtleneck.

If you need an extra layer, throw a fleece jacket over your hoodie.

A long-sleeve T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers will be exactly what you need for a full day of shopping.

If you want to give your outfit some flare, a bomber jacket will add just the right amount of cool.

Track pants will be your best friend on a day like this.

You won't regret wearing these for a day of shopping.

A chic floral bomber and a pair of step-hem jeans is the perfect way to give your Black Friday outfit some more polish.

Wear these while running errands or for a night out.

You'll never go wrong with a comfortable T-shirt and relaxed jeans.

We're definitely not over the leopard-print trend yet. Since you'll be on your feet all day, pair them with sneakers.

Yes, you need these leopard-print pants.

Chunky sneakers are still in this season.

A pair of black jeans and slip-on sneakers will make getting dressed in the early hours that much easier.

Need ultra comfort? Opt for a long-sleeve T-shirt and leggings.

These are perfect for the long lines you'll be in.

If it's a little warmer where you are, a sweatshirt and biker shorts will give you peak comfort without getting you overheated.

Wear this to and from the gym but for running errands, too.

For a more relaxed Black Friday, a knit hoodie and flowy trousers will be the most comfortable option.

Ready for your most comfortable Black Friday yet.

Now, you're ready to shop till you drop. And don't forget—you have all of Cyber Monday, too.

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