11 Styling Tricks for Wearing Black and Navy Together

We're not sure why there's still a handful of archaic fashion "rules" floating around, but we're here to dispell the biggest misconceptions of them all. No white after Labor Day? False. Never mix brown and black? Forget about it. Among those infamous style myths is another: mixing black and navy together in a single outfit. It's one of those "rules" that stand to be disproved, because whoever said the combination of darker neutrals was across the board a style error was clearly just not executing it right.

As we head into the cold, darker winter months, it's inevitable that the vibrancy of our clothing will dim along with the weather, meaning that wearing darker colors like, ahem black and navy, just seems to better characterize our mood around this time. So, you might find yourself gravitating toward a combination of black and navy more frequently, and this is your official green light on wearing the combination—but not before you read up on our expert styling tips, of course.

Don't believe us that this color combo can be done stylishly? Keep reading to see for yourself by getting inspired by the following 11 black-and-navy outfits that prove a darker color palette can still be so chic.

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.