This Under-$50 Trend Just Blew Up Overnight

And just like that, another major accessory trend appeared out of thin air and showed up all over our Instagrams. The trend we want to talk about today is oversize scrunchies. We know, we know—scrunchies alone are not a new trend by any means, but as of late, massive and billowy scrunchies have crept their way onto the wrists and ponytails of fashion girls all around the globe. If you ask me, abnormally sized scrunchies are well, abnormal, and I think we should talk about them. 

Whether they are made of sheer chiffon, printed cotton, or satin, these really big scrunchies are proving to be more versatile than you would expect. Fashion girls are wearing them in their hair (duh), but they are also wearing them stacked on their wrists as the ultimate cool-girl bracelets. If anything, throwing one of these larger-than-life and very affordable scrunchies on your wrist will ensure your wrist is never de-elevated via wonky rubberbands because now, your hair tie du jour is also an on-trend accessory. Sold yet? Scroll down to check out some of our favorite photos of big scrunchies on Instagram and shop under-$70 versions we love. 

See the trend on Instagram:

Shop the trend:

This one will go with just about anything. 

This is a major Instagram moment waiting to happen.

Wear this on your wrist when your look needs some pizazz. 

A color so pretty it'll make you blush. 

This one comes in a pack of two. You're welcome. 

Is there anything chicer than white satin? 

You'll need this one in every colorway. 

Your mom called; she wants her scrunchie back from the '80s.

This color will look good with all your fall coats.

Yes, this one is over $50, but it is hand-knit and so cute. 

One more to add to your cart before you go! 

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