The Workout Shorts With the Best Online Reviews 

Let's talk about workout shorts—an essential activewear piece that isn't always the easiest to find, especially when looking for a pair that's comfortable, non-restricting while still offering the proper support, and is, of course, sweat-wicking, a quality that's super important come heat and humidity. Now while the market for exercise bottoms is fairly vast, we set out to narrow it down to the 15 best workout shorts currently available for purchase. How did we determine their quality? By sifting through countless customer reviews that spoke to the pieces' fit, feel, design, and overall quality.

Ahead we've found a wide range of top-rated sports shorts that are perfect for every type of exercise, whether you prefer a high-intensity, high-sweat kickboxing class or a long, leisurely day of biking. You'll find bottoms that one customer owns in every color because, well, they're just that good and another pair that is the "best shorts I've ever purchased." Caught your interest? Then read on to shop the best workout shorts to wear all summer long and kick your exercise routine into high gear.