9 Workout Brands to Jump-Start Your New Year's Resolutions

We're two weeks into the New Year, and if you're already dragging your heels on that resolution you made, we have some good news. Making fresh goals doesn't have to be a headache, and if you've got the right gear, it's all the easier. To help keep you on track (or to get things going if you've already fallen off), we're turning to the one thing that has fresh start written all over it: fitness gear.

Your resolution may involve breaking a sweat, but it doesn't have to. There are plenty of non-workout reasons to embrace athleisure too. Whether you're looking to take cues from your favorite street style stars and test the femleisure trend or just want to step up your errand-running look, it's all valid. So read on for a look at nine workout lines that will help you dominate those resolutions, whatever they may be.

Read on for a little help mastering your New Year's resolutions!

If your resolution is to get outdoors

Try Outdoor Voices

The feel-good fitness brand is all about making life and recreation about fun and friends.

Outdoor Voices Two-Tone Athena Crop ($50) and Two-Tone Warmup Leggings ($95)

Grab a buddy and head on a hike in this cute suit.

If your resolution is to get your zen on

Try Alo Yoga

This fashion-forward brand will help you embrace mindfulness and practice your Downward Dog, all while looking pretty darn good.

These chic leggings will bend and flex with you.

If your resolution is to hit the tennis court

Try Tory Sport

With the athletic sister line to Tory Burch, the preppy-chic pieces are a sure ace.

You'll serve up some fun in this sweater.

A workout skirt that works on and off the court.

If your resolution is to head somewhere chilly

Try Sweaty Betty

The London-based line perfectly merges fitness and fashion and has the cold-weather staples you've been waiting to hit the slopes (or just sip hot chocolate) in.

You'll be ready to ski the day away in this cozy coat.

Leggings that will keep you cozy no matter how low the temperature goes.

If your resolution is to pull off athleisure at the office

Try P.E Nation

If you're constantly running from the office to SoulCycle, you may want to consider this line, designed to help you pull off activewear every day.

This sweatshirt is chic enough for rocking at your desk.

A sporty skirt you can wear with heels or sneakers.

If your resolution is to run a half marathon

Try Nike

We all know and love Nike, and its ultra-sleek pieces are perfect for those of you who want to kick up your fitness game in the New Year.

Get ready to run in a pair of sneakers that look great too.

If your resolution is to save the planet

Try Alternative Apparel

With a commitment to sustainability, you can slide into your sweats guilt-free.

Wear this sports bra to the gym—or just to hang around the house.

Sweats that are soft and serve a great purpose.

If your resolution is to step up your off-duty style

Try Varley

Sporty and chic, Varley's pieces will never have you feeling underdressed.

This sweatshirt looks just as good with your favorite jeans as it does with leggings.

Cool cutouts set these leggings apart.

If your resolution is to treat yourself

Try Live the Process

This luxury sportswear line will make any activity feel special. Yes, even running errands.

Swap out standard black for a little pop of pale pink.

Whether you're headed to yoga or frozen yogurt, you'll look good doing it.

Want more athleisure ideas for the New Year? These are the legging styles that are in and out!

Opening Image: AKM-GSI