Winter Workout Gear That Will Actually Keep You Warm

Getting ourselves to work out is hard enough as it is, and when you add in frigid winter weather that increases tenfold. As an avid runner myself, I know this struggle all too well—despite my best intentions (and love of endorphins) nothing turns me off of a workout quicker than the thought of voluntarily heading into the cold. For work and friends? Sure, I’ll layer up and go. But to do something that requires every ounce of my energy and motivation (and can, let’s face it, be uncomfortable at times)? That’s much less of a shoe-in.

But for sanity’s sake, I need those endorphins—especially at a time when Vitamin D is lacking. So I set out to find the best workout gear for keeping me warm and dry so that I could finally put the age-old “it’s too cold” excuse to rest. Hopefully these pieces will serve as motivation for you to get out there, too!

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