The Best Types of Jewelry to Wear in the Winter

Cold weather means bulky layers and a lack of exposed skin. Add a scarf, hat, and gloves, and wearing jewelry can seem a little unrealistic. That said, it doesn’t have to be out of the question—it’s the type of jewelry that’s key. You want pieces you can actually see among your layers, earrings that won't get caught on your scarves, and rings that won't pull your cashmere sweater. And most importantly, you don't want to step outside when it's 30º and have your metal necklace feel like ice against your bare skin.

Because we’re here for all of your accessorizing needs, today we’re bringing you the five best types of jewelry to spice up your winter outfits. Since we’re here for all of your accessorizing needs, and fully believe that you shouldn't have to neglect your jewelry collection for months at a time, we bring you the five best types of jewelry to spice up your winter outfits. Read all about them and shop our picks for each below.

1. Non-Metal Chokers

The beauty of a choker is that you can still see it peeking out above a scarf or coat, and a non-metal style won’t leave you with a freezing neck every time you step outside.

2. Stud Earrings

Dangly earrings getting caught in your turtleneck or scarf are the worst. Avoid this by sticking with studs or small hoops, which will stay visible even if you’re wearing a turtleneck.

3. Leather Band Watches

Ever worn a metal watch outside in below-freezing temps? It quickly feels like you’re wearing a block of ice around your wrist. Minimize the chill and wear a watch with a sleek leather band.

4. Brooches

Brooches impart a cool vintage look and expertly dress up a coat. Plus, there are a variety of unique options at different price points on the market.

5. Flat Rings

Anyone who has ever snagged a weaved sweater or scarf with a ring knows that raised stones on fingers are a no-go in the winter. Instead, try mixing and matching flat bands.

Next up, shop 5 winter jewelry trends we’re really into.

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