I Can't Stop Thinking About These 8 Winter Knitwear Trends

Now that the weather has caught up with the current season, I only have one thing on my brain: knitwear. Gone are the days when sweater season meant just crewnecks versus turtlenecks versus cardigans. Now, the knitwear category is seemingly endless with possibilities, which makes shopping for the cozy staples one of the highlights of my winter wardrobe journey. 

But before I could even think about actually pressing the purchase button on any winter knitwear, I had to first do my research in order to discover what sweater trends are buy-worthy this season. Ever since then, I haven't been able to stop thinking about a select few—more like eight—styles. Keep scrolling to discover which soft, comfy, and luxurious knits are keeping me up at night. 

Sleek Sweater Sets

Winter Knitwear Trends 2021


Winter Knitwear Trends 2021



Sure, a sweater on its own is nice. But when there is an option to add an adorable matching tank or pair of lounge pants to the look, I can't think of a single reason why you wouldn't take it. And I'm not the only one. The rise of two- and three-piece ribbed knit sets has been fast and fierce, making them a definite wardrobe contender as fall turns to winter. 

One of the great things about these sets is that you can wear them in so many ways, thus allowing for countless outfit possiblities.

Shop the matching Nico Cropped Tank ($85) and Isla Ribbed Pants ($110).

This trio only looks super expensive.

Shop the matching Rib-Knit Pants ($30).

Something about this purple-blue shade has me surpassing my cart and heading straight to the buy button. 

Shop the matching Ribbed High-Waist Sweater Pants ($29).

Now, imagine how good this knit top will look with jeans or trousers. 

Shop the matching Knit Ribbed Wide-Leg Pants ($109).

Which neutral shade is for you? Take your pick.

Quarter-Zip Sweaters

Winter Knitwear Trends 2021


Winter Knitwear Trends 2021



Quarter-zip knits are equal parts turtleneck, cardigan, and polo sweater, making them just the versatile item your winter wardrobe needs, especially if you, like me, are trying to make do with very little storage space. Simply use the zipper to adjut to your liking.

I'm already thinking of ways to style this dreamy knit. With winter-white jeans, perhaps? 

I feel cozy just looking at this under-$80 sweater.

Staying warm has never looked so chic.

I'll be throwing on this knit on a far too regular basis.

Cashmere Pants

Winter Knitwear Trends 2021



Ever since I spotted slouchy, cashmere pants on my Instagram feed, I've been on the lookout for a pair to make my own. There's just something so luxe about them, so much so, that no matter what you pair with cashmere pants, it'll look incredibly expensive. Trust me, I've thought about this a lot. 

Don't you just want to put these right on?

I love the idea of wearing these with soft, knit socks and clogs. 

Pair this set with a long wool coat and Ugg's new Tazz mules. You won't regret it. 

I know what I'll be wearing for the entirety of winter break.

The elevated sweatpants you've been searching for—found. 

Collared Knits

Winter Knitwear Trends 2021


Winter Knitwear Trends 2021



I can't help but love any sweater that, without any effort, makes my entire outfit look put-together and worthy of a compliment. That's why I'm so drawn to collared, polo-like knits, which are quickly becoming a huge trend for winter.

Something about blue cashmere just hits different.

This one is giving strong fishermen vibes—and I like it.

Fact: the bigger the collar, the better the sweater.

I already own this in blue and I wear it constantly. 

Arm Warmers

Winter Knitwear Trends 2021


Winter Knitwear Trends 2021



Like so many trends this year, I found this one on TikTok, where hardly a nightly scroll goes by without at least one arm warmer sighting. And while I'll be the first to admit that arm warmers weren't one of the sweater trends I expected to latch onto for winter, the Y2K accessories are starting to grow on me. 

More cashmere, please! 

There's a matching detachable hood, too!

Shop the matching Cosmic Hooded Cowl ($38).

These are a good, low-key first venture into the arm warmer trend.

Oh look, these arm warmers come with a matching crop top. 

Staying on-trend has never looked so cozy.

Backless Sweaterdresses

Winter Knitwear Trends 2021



I never really thought of sweaters as being provacative until I began spotting ribbed, backless dresses all over Instagram. Now, I can't think of anything more sultry for winter than a really well-fitting knit dress. Hint: style one with heeled, knee-high boots and a robe coat for a winter look you won't regret. 

See what I mean about sultry?

You'll want to wear this dress again and again.

I'm in love with this warm shade of brown.

Just wait until you see the back. It's giving serious Hailey Bieber at the 2019 Met Gala vibes.

This one's not just backless, it's sideless too. Bonus! 

Kelly Green Knits

Winter Knitwear Trends 2021



Thanks to Kate Middleton and Zara, kelly green is quickly becoming *the* color for 2022. Don't believe me? Just scroll through your Instagram feed. Chances are you'll spot the bold shade on more than one occasion.

I will certainly be mimicking this sweater-and-skirt combination.

For Christmas morning, perhaps? 

I've already thought of a dozen ways to incorporate this sweater into my wardrobe. 

Knit hoodies are the ultimate upscale-casual fashion item.

Supersized Sweaters

Winter Knitwear Trends 2021


Winter Knitwear Trends 2021



Though I'm all too excited to indulge in a tiny cardigan or two come spring, for now, it's supersized sweaters that are calling out to me. Take my word for it, and I bet that when the first really cold winter day arrives, you'll be happy you did.

Going with black is 100% regret-proof.

Thoughts on turning this into a dress for the holiday season ahead?

You can tell this sweater is soft just by looking at it. 

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