The One T-Shirt You Can Wear With Everything You Own

You know what would go great with your brand-new midi skirt? A white T-shirt. How about your favorite oversize denim jacket, perfect worn-in jeans, slinky slip dress, or polished pencil skirt? Yep, that would be a white T-shirt as well. We believe that you can never go wrong with the tried-and-true white tee, and to prove it, we rounded up the best white T-shirts that will pair perfectly with everything in your closet. Each has a unique cut that brings something new to your look.

Scroll down to see five white T-shirt styles we challenge you to wear this summer.


A simple white crewneck brings a casual look to dressier skirts and pants. This is an essential for every wardrobe because it can be utilized year round and always looks polished. A white crewneck is an especially useful piece for your work wardrobe for layering under shirts that are low cut or have thin straps.

Make sure you're covered during chillier months too by keeping a long-sleeve white tee at the ready. Whether you opt for a turtleneck, crewneck, or V-neck, a long-sleeve tee can be used as a layering piece or alone. A jersey top works best if you're searching for a layering piece while a sturdier cotton can be used by itself.


Tank tops are usually associated with summer, but they can be worn year-round for a casual, sporty vibe if worn in layers. This timeless tee is a must for dressing down a look or simply wearing while running errands. It also makes a great cover-up at the beach and can be kept on hand as a workout top.

Short Sleeve

A short-sleeve white tee can come in numerous iterations, but we prefer to keep it fairly simple. When looking for a classic white tee, it's good to start with a slight cap sleeve and a crewneck or V-neck. If you prefer some sort of embellishment, look for an interesting silhouette or cut to change it up.

A V-neck gives a slightly more formal edge to an outfit than a standard white crewneck. Because of its lower cut, it doesn't work quite as well as a crewneck does for layering under other pieces. Instead, a V-neck looks best by itself, particularly to mix and match with eye-catching pieces for daytime occasions like a weekend brunch.

Available in sizes XS to L. 

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