19 White Cocktail Dresses That Will Make You Forget About Your LBD

Not that we have anything against the little black dress, but even classics can feel tired when worn a little too much. In case of sartorial fatigue, a change of direction is only necessary. Enter white cocktail dresses. Though an equally effortless and versatile alternative to its other half, this chic option will make a significantly bolder statement at any soiree of your choosing.

As LBDs have a way of incorporating their way into the background of any setting, a bright white dress will feel shockingly refreshing without dipping into color—something any fashion lover, whether they consider themselves a minimalist or not, can get behind. Soon enough, white cocktail dresses will be your new go-to for any formal occasion (except a wedding, of course). Style them with vibrant, colorful accessories for a playful take, or if you want to feel more polished, go with an all-neutral look—the choice is yours.

If you’re ready to ditch your LBDs in favor of something white, scroll down to see our favorite white cocktail dresses and get ready to start shopping.

Now, add on these chic statement earrings, and you're ready to go out for the night.