30 Cute Weekender Bags You'll Inevitably Overpack

The best weekender bags



There are countless reasons to love the summer season—sunshine, long days, beach time, and fun outfits, to name a few. Personally, my favorite things about summer are the vacations and weekend getaways. It's the time of year when OOO responses are plentiful and summer Fridays are celebrated, with people taking some much-deserved time for themselves to turn off and relax. It's also the time of year when we're forced to reexamine our luggage assortment. Most of us have the big-suitcase category covered, but that doesn't lend itself well to a shorter weekend getaway. Nobody wants to be that friend who shows up to the Airbnb with their rolling suitcase, which I can admit I've been guilty of in the past. Enter the weekender bag.

A weekender bag is the perfect size to pack everything you need for two days away while being compact enough to fit in any packed car or train with ease. If you're anything like me, you'll inevitably still overpack it, but at least, it will fit seamlessly into your car without garnering any dirty looks from your friends. With so many cute options available right now, I thought I'd do us all a favor and gather the best ones to share here. Keep reading to see and shop the 30 best weekender bags for women to take on all of your upcoming getaways. 

Black and white will always be a chic combo. Plus, it comes with a matching zip pouch.

This looks so luxe and has various sizes of compartments inside to hold all of your stuff.

You know a Herschel bag will last you for years. 

The best weekender bags



Away is known for its chic designs that fit a surprising amount. 

I own this one and can attest to how much it fits. I'm not a strategic packer, and all of the compartments and zippers streamline the process for you. 

The bottom zipper compartment is ideal for carrying your shoes.

This one folds back up into a small pouch for easy storage when you're not using it. 

Add a pop of print to your luggage collection. 

Undeniably chic with cute labels so you can always find what you're looking for. 

This feels appropriate for summer. 

The best weekender bags



This one is lightweight and has all the pockets you'll ever need. 

I can't get enough of this color combination. 

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