The Best Way to Clean Sunglasses (Without Causing Damage)


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From protecting your eyesight against harmful UV rays to framing your face in just the right way, sunglasses do a lot of work. Since our sunglasses take such good care of us, it’s important to take care of them. Knowing how to clean sunglasses properly can help to extend their lifespan for years and avoid causing undue damage to the lens. Read on for best way to clean sunglasses in just a few easy steps—and some key tips for keeping them in mint condition during use.

1. Rinse Your Shades


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Make sure your hands are clean (avoid oil or lotion-based soaps). Then, gently rinse your sunglasses in lukewarm water. This can be done by simply running them under the faucet, but make sure that the pressure is gentle and that the water isn’t too hot.

2. Clean the Lenses


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After you’ve thoroughly rinsed off any dirt and debris, the best way to clean sunglasses is with a minuscule amount of dish soap. Be sure to avoid soaps with any lotion or moisturizers in them since these can damage or smear the lenses.

Apply a dab of dish soap to your fingertip, then gently scrub every part of your sunglasses, starting with the exterior and interior of the lenses, then moving on to the frames, sides, and nose pads. If your sunglasses have inset details, such as a cut-out pattern or raised logo, use the tip of a lint-free cloth or handkerchief to clean the nooks.

3. Rinse (Again)


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Once again taking care to avoid ultra-hot water or excessive pressure (both of which can take a toll on delicate shades), gently rinse your sunglasses. It’s important to fully rinse them before drying in order to avoid smearing the lenses, so make sure all soap has been removed before moving on to the next step.

4. Dry


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Using a clean, lint-free cloth, gently massage your sunglasses dry. Avoid using towels with texture since these can inadvertently scratch the lenses. If your sunglasses have lots of detailing, set them out to fully air dry before wearing.

5. Avoid Bad Habits


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The best way to clean sunglasses is to keep them clean in the first place. While it can be tempting to polish your glasses on your blouse, this can lead to scratches, smears, and unwanted residue. Always blow or rinse dust away before wiping lenses to avoid scratches from unseen particles. And, of course, always store your glasses in a protective case whenever you’re not wearing them.

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