Practical, Cute, and Trendy—The Fall 2020 Jacket Trend That Just Makes Sense

Come fall, there are a lot of fall jacket trends that trickle in and out. This season, we have one in particular that has really made a statement both on the runways and off—waterproof jackets. The waterproof jackets we speak of can come in many variations, but the ones we saw trending the hardest this fall were anoraks and lightweight parkas. Besides the overall trend factor of these waterproof jackets this season, I am proud to announce that we finally have a seasonal trend that actually makes sense as it provides both practicality and well, overall cuteness. 



The best part of this outerwear trend was the styling. Designers from Bottega Veneta to Petar Petrov proved that these once considered solely practical jackets are now officially one of the biggest It items to own this season and after seeing the abundant shopping assortment below, you'll quickly realize why. Including various lengths, prints, and details, the anoraks and parkas ahead are some of the absolute best waterproof jackets for fall that money can buy. Go on and scroll, you'll see. 

Just when you thought parkas weren't "cool", this look happened. 

The contrast red hood makes all the difference. 

Very here for a baseball hat and parka look.

Affordable, chic, and very practical. 

The length of this one could not be more ideal. 

This is definitely the go-to brand for all things waterproof. 

If you like this color, just wait until you see all the others. 

Channel your sporty side with this iconic coat. 

From the dual tones to the sporty ties, this jacket pretty much takes the cake. 

This neutral color will ensure you can throw this jacket on any time, any play, and with any outfit. 

Why hide your outfit when you can show it off via a clear coat? 

If there's one thing in the world we know, it's that Prada's nylon material is bulletproof. 

You can never go wrong with a classic brand like Adidas. 

Interested in a wild print? Then look no further. 

The cinching around the waist will give you the freedom to choose between a looser or a more fitted silhouette. 

A coat so good, of course Rihanna would be behind it. 

Leave it to Acne Studios to make the trendiest anorak of them all. 

Petar Petrov is a designer to watch this year and investing in this sleek parka is a great place to start your journey. 

There's nothing better than a versatile, lightweight fall jacket.