I Have Classic Style—Here Are the 5 Staples I Always Recommend

Recently, we've been discussing the growing quiet-luxury movement in fashion—an approach to style that combines ease, subtlety, and quality craftsmanship without prominent logos. Essentially, it is fashion that is long-lasting and evades the hyper-speed of the current trend cycle. That isn't to say that it's so low-key that it isn't exciting. Rather, it's about styling timeless pieces in inventive ways that make them feel fresh season to season. One person whose wardrobe embodies this classic-meets-cool form of dressing? Ilirida Krasniqi.

The Copenhagen-based creator is a multi-hyphenate who also has a master of science in dental surgery. When she isn't practicing as a dentist at the clinic, Krasniqi brings her sophisticated approach to style to the street style scene at fashion week. "I've always been very motivated by balance in everything I do," she tells Who What Wear. "Working in fashion can be mentally exhausting at times because I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself to always be creative/innovative, and to step back from the world of fashion to work within healthcare that is more about procedure and precision can be a meditative escape."

This balanced approach to her career gives Krasniqi a unique perspective on fashion that she has developed into a sense of personal style that combines Scandi minimalism and French elegance. Curious to know her favorite wardrobe staples, we asked her to share the top seasonless fashion pieces to invest in. Keep scrolling to see Ilirida Krasniqi's fashion essentials and shop pieces from her wardrobe.

Krasniqi names fit as one of the most important things to look for when building a wardrobe with staples you'll wear season after season. "A great wardrobe is, for me, a timeless wardrobe with pieces that can be worn over and over again," she explains. Ahead are her top five closet essentials.

Shop Ilirida's wardrobe essentials:

1. An Oversize Blazer

2. A Timeless Bodysuit

3. Perfectly Fitted Casual Jeans

4. Ankle Boots

5. A Beautifully Cut White Shirt

Shop more pieces from Ilirida's wardrobe:

A robe coat offers a blend of comfort and tailoring.

To pair with everything from knit sweaters to tank tops.

A belt that doubles as jewelry.

Bottega Veneta's Sardine bag puts a modern spin on the brand's Intrecciato woven leather.

A '90s throwback piece.

Turtlenecks are a great building block piece.

Sharp and sleek.

Just the right amount of slouch.

A classic silhouette.

These heels were sold out for nearly a year, but Saint Laurent just brought them back.

It's all about the right blazer fit.

These earrings are a work of art.