This Is It: The All-Time Best Products to Hack Your Way to Super-Thick Hair

Mishti Rahman Best Volumizing Hair Products
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No matter where you are in your hair journey, paying attention to how your hair responds to particular products can make a huge difference in your relationship with your strands. I'm not suggesting that you dedicate a good chunk of your life to testing and reviewing products like I have (although, I will always welcome new beauty fanatics with open arms), but taking some time to comb through your current hair collection and determine what your strands need help with the most is a game changer.

When I made the decision to allow my hair to revert to its natural, tightly coiled texture from the chemical straightening I had undergone, the last thing I was ready to confront was how I would have to reevaluate my entire product lineup, from serums and treatments to shampoos and conditioners. As a "newly natural" girl, I was reintroduced to my hair in its kinkiest and finest state and had to relearn how to style it.

Suddenly, I was playing around with products I had never even taken off the shelf in my childhood days and noticing how close they got me to the end result I wanted the most: smooth, defined curls with a whole lot of body! Since I've finally gotten the hang of how to create the appearance of super-thick hair with my fine strands, I've pulled together a list of the elite products that helped me reach my goal across my favorite brands. Below, discover the best of the best for faking full hair.

Kit Keenan Best Volumizing Hair Products

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The Best Hair Products for Adding Volume

1. Shampoos and Conditioners

Emmanuelle Koffi Best Volumizing Hair Products

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2. The Best Hair Masks

Mobina Peiman Best Volumizing Hair Products

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3. The Best Treatments and Serums

Amaka Hamelijnck Best Volumizing Hair Products

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4. The Best Thickening Sprays

Mishti Rahman Best Volumizing Hair Products

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5. The Best Texturizing Sprays

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