The "Wicked" Bra All the VS Angels Swear By

Given all the Victoria's Secret lingerie they wear, the Angels must have a favorite bra from the brand, I thought to myself before prepping for my interview with Victoria's Secret Angel Josephine Skriver. Celebrating the launch of the new Body by Victoria collection, Josephine was made readily available to chat about all things related to the new collection, from the pieces she loved, her take on some of the lingerie trends incorporated into the collection. I dropped my aforementioned question about her all-time favorite Victoria's Secret bra, and without hesitation, she replied with the below…

"Honestly, I must say I would probably go with the Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Wicked Unlined Uplift Bra. It comes in a lot of colors, it's super sexy, it's really comfortable, and it just does something to my boobs. Instead of having that push-up push, it pushes from the side, so they always look a little bit fuller. I feel really sexy in it. You know that movie about the traveling pants? The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! All the Angels kind of call this bra that. Everyone has different boobs, and typically different bra shapes fit each of us, but for some reason, the Wicked just makes everybody look really great."

Last night in Hong Kong. ✨????: @marthahunt

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Pictured: Josephine Skriver wearing the Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Wicked Unlined Uplift Bra

Pessimistic old me thought to myself, Well, of course that bra looks good on all of them—everything looks good on them! I then proceeded to try the bra on for myself, and I can humbly admit as a non-model third-party opinion, she was right. This bra pretty much does it all. It lifts, it pushes, it smooths, and it's extremely comfortable. I left that day with two. With that said, it's time for you to shop the bra the Victoria's Secret Angels consider their "sisterhood of the traveling bra."

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