Celeb Stylists Rank the Best Underwear Brands That Will Last the Longest

Best underwear brands for women



Celebrity stylists are responsible for dreaming up gorgeous outfits that make the A-listers they work with feel confident and comfortable for the red carpet, events, and the like. While a particular dress or tailored silhouette is key to that sartorial success, appropriate undergarments are also of utmost importance. After all, dressing does begin with the items you put on first—underwear.

While we’ve covered a few of the specific underwear styles celeb stylists swear by in the past, we thought we’d dig a little deeper into the key brands this in-the-know group recommends (and sometimes wears) not just for comfort but for quality—aka brands that actually last. Because come on, we all get frustrated when we think we invested in a legit pair of underwear, only to find it coming apart after the third time washing it.

So with all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out how stylists rank the top underwear brands out there in reference to those that actually (truly) last the longest, are comfortable, and have the ability to be unseen and lay flat against the body. Oh, and fun fact—you'll see a lot of similarities among each of their must-have brands below. Ahem, Commando...

Best underwear brands for women,  According to a Celebrity Stylist


Nicole Chavez


"Commando is my top choice for thongs. They are thin and seamless."


"Spanx is my go-to for personal dressing and red carpet dressing. I love their fabrics and silhouettes."


"Wolford has great undergarments. The cotton is so soft and comfortable. They're at a higher price point, but the quality makes it worth it. Their bras are actually also my favorite."


"Their underwear is paper-thin, seamless, and incredibly durable. I can always rely on these when I'm wearing fabrics that are a bit see-through. I always pack a client with these for their events or press tours."

Fleur du Mal

"This brand understands how to make beautiful undergarments that last. I love their seamless lace thong, and I wear their silk bralette every day. Literally. They're easy to wash (I handwash mine in a mixing bowl with light detergent)."

Hanky Panky

"I'm a longtime wearer of Hanky Panky. I've been wearing the lace thong for probably 10 years. They're the most comfortable and come in pretty patterns. The perfect undies to wear with your everyday jeans."


"I wouldn't be able to do my job without Commando. They're my absolute go-to for all undergarment needs. Not only is the material extremely soft and my clients love it, but they also last long, are seamless, and come in a wide range of styles."

Fleur du Mal

"When you need undergarments that are not only good quality but will last for a few years, Fleur du Mal is the best bet. Their pieces are sexy and stylish, and really work well."


"Intimissimi offers really durable, sexy, comfortable undergarments. I'm especially a fan of their bras—they give my clients great support, look nice, and also have a long life span. They have so many styles that can work for any dress, any material, and any occasion."

Best underwear brands for women,  According to a Celebrity Stylist


Mecca Cox

Valentine NYC

"This is the lingerie I literally wear every day. It’s cute, sexy, and comfy. They have really great new colors every season and are at a good price point."


"I love this brand because they make really pretty pieces. I always feel sexy and glamorous, and although I don't like to wear them every day, I love having them for special moments."

Kiki de Montparnasse

"The line makes really gorgeous lingerie, and though it's a splurge to buy, every time I walk in their store, I want to own everything. It's the perfect mix of sexy and subtle—and every detail is beautifully done. Also, if you take care of your lingerie by handwashing gently and not drying, I find they all last pretty well!"

Best underwear brands for women,  According to a Celebrity Stylist


Emily Sanchez


"Commando is the standard in invisible, seamless underwear—and a staple in my styling kit for a reason. I use the classic thongs from Commando day in and day out for press days, important red carpet appearances, major award shows—the list goes on. They're comfy, stay put, and never, ever show. They also come in a couple 'nude' colors to suit different skin tones."

La Perla

"For splurge, I love the La Perla Second Skin style in a thong or brief. Both styles are super-low-rise and seamless, so they lay flat on the body and feel like a luxurious choice for my clients for special events."

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