The 15 Uggs and Birkenstocks That Are Most Worthy of Your Money

Given this unprecedented year we're having, I've found myself wearing comfortable, cozy shoes far more than I thought I would. Sometimes I stand in my closet and gaze longingly at my heels, but then I remember that I'm wearing shoes that cradle my feet in fur, and I feel better. 

If you're reading this, you obviously love Uggs and Birkenstocks as much as I do. I didn't really realize the greatness of my love for them until 2020 hit and everything that called for heels and other fancy shoes was canceled. Now I'm president of the fan club for both cult-favorite brands. 

Perhaps given the season, I've noticed tons of very chic, very cozy shoes by these two brands as of late. And if you're in the market for a pair (or two), I want to help you choose. I've done lots of research on this topic and I'm here with my well-vetted recommendations. So let's get to it, shall we?

Keep scrolling to shop the best Uggs and Birkenstocks on the market right now.


Best Uggs



This wildly popular style (that I'm wearing in the photo above) was just released this season and has already gained a cult following.

Another pair I own, these slide slippers are the perfect in-between pair. They won't make your feet sweat on mild days and they'll keep them warm on chillier ones.

You probably already know and love this beloved pair (they have 1.5k reviews and 5 stars on Nordstrom). This navy hue feels fresh.

You could say these are the Uggs that started it all. They now come in an array of color options, but I vote for sticking to the classics.

Not cozy, per se, but they're cute and will serve you well on wet days.

Another popular pair among Nordstrom shoppers this season, if they feel even half as soft as they look, I'd be satisfied.

This elevated style is sold out almost everywhere, but I found them for you on Neiman Marcus. You're welcome.

I've been wearing these slippers for years and have rebought them several times. You really can't go wrong. They're as sturdy and cozy as it gets.


Best Birkenstocks



This style (the one I'm showing off above) has become my WFH staple this winter. They look cute with almost everything. Just be warned—they're selling out everywhere.

The clog version of the aforementioned sandals is also worth every penny.

Everyone wants these, for obvious reasons. I love that they have shearling on the inside of the straps too. It makes them infinitely cozier.

This is my favorite color of this class style. They go with everything and are more comfortable than they look, thanks to the soft footbed.

These clogs have taken off on Instagram. I put these on my Christmas list, so I guess I've been influenced.

The big buckle makes these feel a little fancier. Trust me—the compliments will roll in fast.

Everyone went crazy for this affordable, understated style this summer. I love that they look like leather.