Every Woman Needs These Key T-Shirt Styles

As silly as it is to admit, T-shirts are quite important. Aside from maybe Queen Elizabeth, practically everyone on the planet wears them on a regular basis. Fashion girls especially are constantly coming up with genius new ways to wear tees, and are pros at making them look cool and elevated. We're confident that if you have the right types on hand, you can get away with wearing them anywhere, from date night to the office and everywhere in between.

In an effort to help you create the most well-rounded T-shirt collection, we tasked ourselves with narrowing it down to 5 essential types that every woman should have on hand. All of these T-shirt styles are available from a slew of different brands, but we chose the exact ones that we're currently partial to, some of them steals and some splurges. Intrigued? Keep scrolling to find out why every fashion girl needs each type, and shop our picks! 

Read all about the T-shirt that everyone wants. (It's constantly selling out.)

Opening image: Sandra Semburg