Heading on a Trip? Take These 18 Dresses

Whether you’ve got a few destination weddings in your calendar or simply have the urge to hop on a plane to the next tropical destination, you’ve probably got traveling on your mind. You’ve already bought your ticket and planned your travel ensemble, so make your next trip as relaxing as possible with the best travel dresses that’ll pack into your carry-on neatly without getting too wrinkled.

We asked organization expert Faith Roberson for her best advice on what styles of dresses to take on your next vacation, as well as how to pack them to avoid as many creases as possible. “I love wrap dresses and shift dresses, which can be dressed up or down,” she says. Roberson also mentions that shift dresses can double as tunics when you’re thinking about packing light. “Anything that can ultimately provide double duty when packing is always great.”

When it comes to packing, Roberson advises that dresses should be folded lengthwise in thirds, and then folded in half and folded again so that they stand up in your suitcase. “Whatever you’re packing can be folded this way, and it helps with wrinkling, as you’re smoothing the item out.”

Now, shop our favorite travel-friendly dresses that you’ll want to wear on all your vacations and to every occasion afterward this season.

With these dresses, you'll not only have outfits worthy of an Instagram or two, but you'll also save a bit of room for when you go on that inevitable shopping spree.