Oops, I Just Added 13 Pairs of Amazing Topshop Shoes to My Cart

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Christian Vierig/Getty Images

In case you haven't stalked Topshop in a while (like I just did), I'm here to remind you that its shoe selection is top-notch and very affordable at that. I don't know about you, but one of the first things I shop for with each new season is shoes, as the best ones are bound to sell out. And speaking of things selling out, it never takes that long for it to happen to the coolest Topshop pieces. As soon as you see that little Trending icon pop up on an item's product page, it seems to be gone in a flash.

I'm quite sure that's exactly what'll happen to a number of Topshop's new shoes soon, so I just added 13 pairs to my cart, and now I have a decision to make. Shop the amazing Topshop shoes I'm losing it over below (and I hope you have better luck choosing which to buy than I am right now).

The perfect transitional shoes if I ever saw a pair.

I don't know about you, but I'm still not completely over pink.

I'm so into the faux-croc trend for fall.

The perfect late-summer flats.

Western ankle boots are poised to be fall's biggest trend.

Everything leopard print is cool again.

My next night-out outfit will revolve around these beauties.

Please let this color be cool forever.

I'm convinced I'd wear these a lot.

The chicest way to wear mesh.

Green suede just feels right for fall.

I'm predicting NYC girls will buy these in droves.

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