The Best Thin Turtlenecks for Layering Sans Bulk

A thin turtleneck sweater is one of those underrated fashion essentials that goes a surprisingly long way for your wardrobe—especially when it comes to layering. Whether you wear one under a dress, tank, light sweater, or simply with a jacket, they have the ability to instantly make anything look fall-ready, without adding extra bulk. Plus, if (like me) you don’t have a lot of “neck” to work with, or simply don’t like the feel of a turtleneck, a mock-neck does the trick as well.

So, since layering time is officially in full effect, today we thought we’d round up the best for you to buy now and wear for months to come. From simple black styles to ruched and ruffled versions, we’ve got at least something for every style type and budget—though we highly recommend snagging more than just one.

Shop our picks below!

Opening Image: Christian Vierig/Getty Images