I Wear a T-Shirt Almost Every Day—These Are the Ones I Highly Recommend

So I wear a lot of T-shirts. There's simply nothing more versatile, comfortable, and cool than a good tee. And given that it's probably the number one wardrobe basic in life, I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in my obsession with them. But since I started working from home a few years ago, my T-shirt collection has slowly but surely taken over my closet, and given how much I wear them, I have no regrets whenever I invest in a new one (which is often). I've also come to realize how much of an understatement it is to say that not all T-shirts are created equal. For every perfectly soft tee that falls just so and holds up for dozens and dozens of wears, there are 10 that aren't worth wearing more than once. That's why I'm sharing with you what the best T-shirts on the market are from my personal experience (along with a little Instagram proof sprinkled in).

Keep reading to find out which 15 tees I highly recommend and to shop them for yourself.