Sweater Weather Is Here: Get Prepared With These 17 Picks

As soon as we wake up to the first crisp day of fall, the phrase "sweater weather" suddenly earns a top spot in our day-to-day conversations. But, the obsession with all things cozy is well-founded because we've waited all year for the chance to wrap ourselves in silky cashmere and soft wool (because who doesn't want to feel like they're walking around in a blanket?). 

But, not all knitwear is created equal, so we figured we'd highlight a few of our favorites. These standout sweaters all look great on their own, but they also make for key layering pieces, crucial once things take a turn for the really chilly. Some are sporty, others make for great basics, and don't worry, we included a few extra-luxe picks too. That way, whatever style fits the bill for you, you'll be ready to tackle that sweater weather in style. 

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