16 Sweaters to Make the Fall Transition a Breeze

About 99% of your transitional dressing woes can be solved with one simple solution: Put a sweater on it. Whether it’s actually a little chilly or your outfit just needs a little something else, put a sweater on it—keeping in mind, of course, that this includes the options of wearing them over your shoulders, around your waist, or actually on properly.

I say this with conviction because I once looked at sweaters as an afterthought, and rather than consciously shopping for the right ones, I simply wore whatever appeared in my closet (they have a funny way of doing that). But once I took them seriously and adopted this mantra, transitional dressing—and countless other outfit dilemmas—became instantly simpler to solve. Trust me.

Without further ado, shop 16 sweaters we’re loving right now!

What's better than a sweater that doubles as a going-out top?

This color will look so good with denim.

Sleeveless sweaters are the holy grail of layering.

We reccommend wearing this cardigan just like the model: as a top. 

Click on the link above to see how this off-the-shoulder style also works as an open-back.

A pop of red is the easiest way to make a look that stands out in a sea of black.

Would you have guessed where this is from? 

We're loving this zip-up detail for fall.

Frayed edges add some toughness to this cropped knit. 

Style tip: Wear this over a button-down shirt with the sleeves sticking out of the sweater for a street style–inspired look.

We bet this will be a hit at fashion week coming up! 

If anyone knows how to do a crop, it's Reformation.

The gathered detail on the bottom of this one makes it perfect for tucking in.

Take a style risk by sporting some extra-long sleeves this fall! 

Jacquemus knows how to take a basic and turn it on its head in just the right way.

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Opening Image: A Love Is Blind

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