Shorts Are the New Skirts—See the Proof and Shop My Favorite Pairs

Sorry, skirt lovers, but it’s true. Shorts are the new skirts, and your girl here can prove it. At first, I just thought that the abundance of cool shorts outfits on my feed was another quarantine thing. After all, skirts don’t make quite as much sense as a pair of stretchy bike shorts or breezy sweatshorts for doing anything from dialing into Zoom meetings to lying on the couch in between tasks. However, as we inch closer and closer to summer’s official arrival—June 20, for anyone who’s counting down the days—it’s become increasingly clear that this trend is neither short-lived nor confined to the home.

As someone who has been a longtime champion of shorts over skirts, I’m excited to both show you some of the “proof” I’ve gathered as well as help you shop out the five main categories fashion girls are wearing now. From athletic styles to tailored picks to classic denim (sometimes with a twist), I guarantee something for everyone but likely more than just one pair you’ll love below. To get started, just keep scrolling.  

Athletic Shorts

Tailored Shorts

Bike Shorts

Denim Shorts


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