The Best Summer Sandals for Walking Long Distances

Though it may seem like common sense, data has revealed that people do, in fact, walk more in the summertime than during any other season. As such, comfortable warm-weather shoes are a definite must. Among the top on the list of summer footwear? Sandals, of course. But we were curious about something: Can the go-to shoes also be walking-friendly? So we went on a mission to uncover the best summer sandals for walking long distances, and what we found was pretty great.

Nordstrom is chock-full of trendy, comfortable, arch-supporting sandals, but in order to find out which styles can withstand a lot of mileage, we turned to customer reviews. One shopper revealed a specific pair that she was able to "walk 20 miles in a day" while another customer explained that when she put on her Cole Haan sandals, she felt like she was "walking on air." Pretty impressive, right? Now, read on to see and shop the top-rated summer sandals to wear when you plan on walking—a lot.