I'm Only Buying Useful Travel Items This Prime Day—32 That I'm Adding to Cart RN



The shopping madness that is Amazon Prime Day is finally here. And while I'm enjoying going through all the deals on clothing or homewares, I'm choosing to be more savvy and only purchase useful travel items this time around. Considering the fact that I'm always frantically making an errand run or ordering things rapidly off Amazon the day before a trip, it just feels right to prepare in advance and get the essentials while they're discounted. Plus, I discovered some new genius finds that I just know will change the way I travel forever. 

I've filtered through the thousands of discounts and have sorted out the best travel buys for you to easily scroll through. I'm talking next-level neck pillows, makeup organizers with thousands of glowing reviews, and an array of in-flight beauty products. Keep scrolling to find the items from this once-per-year event that'll make your next trip a whole lot easier.  

I have to start this sale roundup with the one product that helps me travel with only a carry-on in tow. 

I never thought I'd be picky about hand sanitizers, but Touchland is the best. The scent isn't overpowering, easily fits in your bag, and doesn't leave my hands dry like other sanitizers. 

I was sold when I saw "Gummy Bear."

Don't end up like me, frantically searching for an adapter at Copenhagen airport. Learn from my mistakes and get this while it's on sale. 

Not only does this bag look great aesthetically, but it's extremely practical for storage. 

Whether you have AirPods or Beats, you can now connect your wireless headphones to the in-flight screen. This product may not be on sale, but it's so useful that I'm still adding it to my Amazon cart right now. 

I love putting a pimple patch on any blemish I may have because it keeps me from picking at it during a flight or long car ride. Plus, it keeps blemishes from getting worse, which they always tend to do while I travel.

Considering the fact that I'm always losing my makeup brushes or they're staining my bag, I need to order this for my next trip. 

Buying product minis is my favorite part of preparing for a trip. It just feels right.

More organization? Don't mind if I do.

This is a very much needed product for the extremely hot summer days we've been having lately.

Don't let the long travel days keep you from getting dehydrated. 

I'm not much of a backpack person but after all the shoulder pain my tote bags cause and seeing how many features this one has, I'm turning over a new leaf. 

Keep your vacation outfits wrinkle-free with this portable steamer. 

If I packed these, I'd probably actually remember to shave my legs. 

Don't turn your bag inside and out to find that charger. 

SPF is key to having healthy skin. Don't skimp on it, even when you're busy traveling.

Books can take up a lot of space in your luggage. 

Until I'm able to fly First Class, I'm doing whatever I can to get some comfortable sleep in Economy. 

With this, you won't need to worry in the anticipation of checking if your luggage is too heavy.

With this little mirror in tow, you can do your makeup anywhere. (Even in an Uber leaving the airport!)

I like these pump containers a lot more than the standard ones I've bought before.