Amazon Prime Day Is a Trove of Expensive-Looking Décor—29 Epic Finds in My Cart

It's the sale event most savvy shoppers look forward to all year. Amazon Prime Day has officially launched today with an abundance of discounts spanning tops to televisions and everything in between. While we've already broken down the best fashion and beauty deals of the bunch, this space is dedicated to bringing you the "got to have it now" home décor deals that are simply too good to pass up.

If you've been itching to give your place a face-lift all year, now's the time to do it. While sifting through the thousands of products included in the sale, I noted several deals on sofas, chairs, and other expensive-looking objects that were literally half off. You could spend hours wading through it all yourself, but I did the grunt work for you. Keep scrolling to find my selection of Prime Day home décor finds that honestly look triple their price. The sale only lasts for two days, so act fact.

A cute tray to store all of your knickknacks.

The calming, natural aesthetic of a jute rug has made it one of the trendy rugs to own. While several sizes are on sale, this size is practically a steal.

You can cook so many things in a Dutch oven, from braised beef to stews and more. Having one just makes sense.

I used to think electric kettles were a waste until I had the pleasure of using one while on vacation. Hot water in 90 seconds flat? I was sold!

Use this cute table as a nightstand or simply as an end table for your living space.

Make your fruit and veggies look like a work of art.

Adult drinking glasses because you can only serve cocktails in mugs for so long.

It's actually mind-blowing how inexpensive and chic this sofa is.

If you have room, consider adding a bench to the end of your bed for enhanced coziness.

A trash can that's actually stylish? Say no more.

Dining chairs can add up quickly—here's a stylish option that won't cost a small fortune.

Hanging planters like these add so much warmth to a smaller space.

Everything looks better in crystal drinking glasses.

Upgrade your planter to this rattan-weaved version—it's a low-effort swap with maximum impact.

Arched mirrors are having a moment.