17 Leggings That Are 100% Squat-Proof (Because Yes, That's a Thing)

At this point, you've likely upped your fitness regimen to include a handful of at-home workouts. Whether it’s an online dance routine or a sculpt session with your trusted ankle weights, getting the blood pumping has never seemed so easy, especially when people are getting creative. (Push-up challenge folks, I’m talking about you.) But of all the simple moves you can do at home to keep yourself active, few feel quite as intense as a good set of squats.

Regardless of how many you do in one session, there’s no denying that squats feel good for all aspects of your health. (Of course, there’s also the fact that your butt will look amazing.) That said, when your head’s in the game of a squat-heavy workout, nothing can ruin it like a pair of leggings that slide down or become see-through each time you squat.

We want you to get the most out of all your workouts, which is why we pulled together the 17 best squat-proof leggings (yes, they exist) for your next sweat. Scroll down to see them all below.

Between the stirrups and the ultra-high waist, these leggings won't be going anywhere.

When you don't want to wear black, opt for this forest green pair.

We can't get over the leopard print on these.

The laser cutout details make these leggings feel so modern.

These feature Lululemon's new Everlux material, a quick-drying fabric to keep you cool throughout your workout.

Sometimes simple black leggings with subtle details are all you need.

The mesh paneling in these is so cool.

Wear these for your workouts or while you're running errands.

These will motivate you to get into your next workout (easily).

These are bound to move with you throughout your workouts.

Squat-heavy workouts or not, these are perfect for everything.