I'm a Fashion Editor, and These Are the Only Under-$50 Zara Shoes I'd Buy

I don't know about you, but scrolling through Zara's shoe section is one of my favorite pastimes (don't judge). I couldn't help but notice that there are lots of good under-$50 shoes in stock, which is a beautiful thing. Naturally, this isn't information I could keep to myself. Recently, I rounded up the best under-$50 Zara items to buy now, and this time I'm putting the focus on the best cheap Zara shoes.

Among the shoe trends Zara is banking on right now? Snakeskin, floss heels, neon, and wedges, and they all made it into my under-$50 edit. So before you venture into the land of hundreds of Zara shoes unaided, you might want to keep scrolling to check out the 21 pairs I painstakingly selected. Many are even made of genuine leather. You know what to do.

Elastic straps? Sign me up (because comfort).

I've already put these expensive-looking sandals in several stories.

I wore the brown version of these constantly last summer, but this new black croc iteration is even better.

Just think of how much wear these will get this summer.

These are a great "fancy" alternative if you don't feel like wearing heels.

I imagine I'd wear these pretty flats quite often.

These might be the "trendiest" pair of the bunch, but at $50, why not?

Behold: a pair of peep-toe shoes I actually like.

These PVC sandals look ever cooler on.

These are hardly your grandmother's wedges.

Ballet flats are back (as is hot pink), so win-win.

The perfect way to carry the leopard-print trend into summer.

The flat sandal version of the floss-heel trend.

These sky-high heels are decidedly modern.

Slingbacks? Also back (and for some reason, I love that this pair doesn't have a buckle).

The modern heel combined with the snakeskin makes for a very eye-catching shoe.

I'd keep things simple and wear these sweet espadrilles with jeans and a white tee.

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