Traveling Is Still TBD, But These 34 Beauty Products Feel Like a Vacation

The 34 Best Spring Beauty Products to Add to Your Routine in 2021


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Spring is officially here, and as such, we're ready to transition our beauty routines to welcome the new season. While the onset of this equinox would normally mark the beginning of vacation season, we're still largely grounded—for the time being, anyway. It's still unclear if we'll be able to jet off to distant lands to squish our toes in the sand and get our glow on this spring, but as beauty editors, we know better than just about anyone that all it takes is the right hair, skin, makeup, and body products to create a complete vacation vibe in minutes. (No travel required.)

Intrigued? Good, because we've got the scoop on all the perfect masks, creams, blushers, and bronzers that will make you look, feel, and smell like you've just spent a  blissed-out week away from your inbox. Keep scrolling or the 34 best spring beauty products to get it done.


A cleansing balm is perfect for rinsing away the increased amount of makeup and sunscreen we're all bound to be wearing spring gets revved up. This one has rose and mimosa waxes, elderberry, starflower,  and nice, fatty oils to nourish the skin.

This jelly mask doesn't just feel soothing on the skin—it also brings in BHA and enzymes to restore a healthy glow, banish dullness, and even out skin tone and texture.

These travel-ready best-sellers are perfect for keeping your skincare routine intact whenever, wherever.

The trend of wearing sheet masks while lounging by the pool is the latest skincare craze we can't wait to try. This set comes with the cult-favorite anti-aging face serum by Bioeffect, along with three hydrogel masks to create an occlusive environment for the serum to seep deeper into the skin.

If you've yet to experience SK-II's famed Pitera complex, now is the time to take the plunge. Each item in this set features the brand's signature fermented yeast bio-ingredient that mimics the skin's natural moisturization factors. 

Use these organic, reusable facial rounds to apply your essence and reduce the waste in your routine.

Just in time for a potential increased sun exposure this spring, you may want to grab a dark spot corrector to address any marks coaxed to the surface of your skin.

Looking for a tinted mineral sunscreen suitable for darker skin tones? This one's got you covered. It comes in two shades that complement way more complexions and can even replace your sheer foundation if you only need light coverage.


Add natural-looking depth and a sunkissed glow to your complexion in seconds. Even if you can't actually bask in the sun, you can still look like you did.

Speaking of glowy makeup, this light-reflecting blush will add even more luminosity to your face.

It's been a while since we were on the way to anywhere besides the grocery store, so we're dreaming of touching-up our lipstick in this portable lit mirror.

Our makeup philosophy as the weather warms up? Do less. This multiuse complexion stick is perfect for spot concealing or more advanced coverage. It's lightweight enough the be blended out with the fingers, so you can get the job done in seconds.

That 2000s nostalgia has got us fiending for shiny, gloss-covered lips.

There's something about being on vacation that makes it feel totally normal to bust out colorful eyeliners. We'll be vibing out with this option.

This viral primer is all over TikTok. From what we've seen, it provides the most beautiful lit-from-within glow. Gigi Hadid called it out as one of her faves, too.

Have we mentioned how much we love multiuse makeup products? These cute little crayons can be used everywhere from lips to lids and even on the cheeks, and are zero-waste.


Clean hands are an absolute must, so step up your sanitizer game with this sleek, fancy-smelling option.

Get that vacation glow at home or wherever you may find yourself this spring, but make sure your SPF situation is on point while you do it.

There's nothing better than a good soak in the bath to emulate vacation-level relaxation.

This certified-organic body wash is woody in scent and features coconut oil, guar bean, and citric acid to cleanse and nourish the skin. Refill the bottle when you're done and count it as one less piece of plastic in your body care routine.

Speaking of woody scents, this expertly-crafted body fragrance smells like a deep breath in the middle of the forest. Not only does it smell amazing, but it also aids in calming the nervous system.

This feels like a safe space to admit that our leg shaving routine has all but fallen by the wayside. This heavy-duty razor is the perfect tool to get back in the game. Plus, it's plastic-free and reusable, so you'll be doing the planet a solid, too.

Health is on everyone's minds, especially now, so this immunity-supporting blend of vitamins C and D, zinc, and reishi beta-glucans is the perfect supplement to add to your routine.

Stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of, but this expert oil blend supports the skin and reduces inflammation as it stretches and expands. Emma Roberts counted it among her top bump care must-haves throughout her pregnancy.

if you're a fan of sweet gourmand smells, you'll want to get your hands on this body cream. It nourishes the skin and makes you smell like a tropical vacation all at the same time.

And speaking of smelling like vacation, this scented sunscreen evokes the feeling of sipping fruity drinks on the beach. 

This luxe body butter is made from Ugandan and Ghanaian shea mixed with avocado and sweet almond oils to seriously soothe and moisturize the skin. Swipe it onto skin still wet from the shower and prepare to be amazed at how soft it feels.


This vacation-ready hair fragrance is perfect for spring. It's got notes of orange blossom, osmanthus, and tuberose that smell so good together.

This luxe hair oil reduces frizz, seals split ends and stops breakage while making the hair look seriously shiny.

Whether you're fresh out of the pool or indulging in an extended wash day, this conditioner is the one. 

This hydrating leave-in conditioner keeps the hair soft and smooth without weighing it down.