Comfortable and Chic Skirt Sets Are the New MVPs in My Closet

Even as a professional shopper, I sometimes get fatigued struggling to put together a decent outfit every day. I'll take any opportunity to make getting dressed easier, and that heavily includes some type of matching set. I've already talked about the joys of adopting a knitted pant set as a sweatsuit alternative, but another, equally comfortable version has popped up on my radar.

Elevated, sophisticated, and, most critical of all, comfy skirt sets are the two-piece combo that's been my wardrobe MVP. It's pretty much the simplest way to make it seem like you put in way more effort than you really did. The trick? Look for sumptuous fabrics or cool details like a contrast stitch or side cutouts to keep it looking expensive. And pro tip: If your calendar is filled with endless parties and engagements this season, you'll want to keep a few of these on rotation for a quick fancy outfit. From clingy midi-skirt sets to casual knit versions, keep scrolling to find my favorite skirt sets of the moment.

Surprise: You get an extra cardigan with this one! The cropped proportions really give it a '90s edge.

Shop the matching Whip Stitch Sweater ($50).

If I didn't know, I'd think this was an expensive designer set.

Shop the matching Square Neck Ona Top ($75).

Go for a set with a cropped top for some subtle spice.

Shop the matching Avery Pleated Midi Skirt ($125).

The luxurious plissé fabric is so good you really just have to feel it for yourself.


Shop the matching Ribbed Knit Cardigan ($40).

Lately, these types of open cardigans have been infiltrating my feed, so if you're about adopting trends early, take this one for a spin.

Shop the matching Washed Effect Oversized Skirt ($26).

Here's a version that would make a great basic within a capsule wardrobe.

A skirt set to wear with all your fancy sneakers.

Shop the matching Ruched Polka Dot Blouse ($40).

I'm still planning for more beach days, and you better believe I'll be wearing this every chance I get.

Shop the matching Hale Top ($75).

One of spring's biggest trends, midriff flossing, is alive and well.

Shop the matching Aria Crop Top ($159).

Your next date-night outfit found.

Shop the matching Verona Crop Top ($90).

The simplicity of this set has all the makings of a staple closet piece.

Since this set sells out almost as quickly as it drops, I'd advise you to not hesitate on this one.

Shop the matching Satin Effect Midi Skirt ($36).

A set I would gladly wear every day if possible.

There's something so striking about this shade of green.

Shop the matching Dookie Cardigan ($165).

I'll gladly break my no-miniskirt policy for this.

Shop the matching Julian Top ($129).

Find a cozier outfit, I dare you.

Shop the matching Button Textured Skirt ($70).

Everything about this screams cool French-girl style.

Shop the matching Viscose Zip Top ($295).

If you like your outfits with a side of athleisure, look no further.

Shop the matching Emerald Top ($180).

Subtle and seductive.

Shop the matching Billie Knit Top ($148).

The chunky sweater knit material paired with the high-neck top really sets this one apart from the rest.

If you need a look that amps things up, elaborate beading and pearls will certainly do the trick.

Shop the matching Sally Knit Top ($298).

Cult Gaia has been on roll with its collections lately—here's exhibit A.

Shop the matching Lyon Top ($158).

Really, this begs for a tropical vacation.

Shop the matching Alexia Pullover ($345).

Fancy fall outfits can be hard to figure out, but a set like this simplifies everything.

Shop the matching Bandeau Top ($392).

There aren't a ton of bells and whistles here, but with a dainty necklace and striking stilettos, this combo becomes a true stunner.

Shop the matching Wool Knit Twisted Turtleneck ($990).

With this in rotation, the idea of winter being so close feels a little less jarring.

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