The #1 Reason These Skinny-Jean Outfits Are So Perfect

As you know, we are obsessed with not just the interests of our loyal readers, but also their outfits. In case you missed it, for the past few months, we have been diligently rounding up the best outfit ideas that our readers have tagged us in on Instagram. In an effort to branch off of that, we decided to fixate on one particular item we know you love as much as we do—skinny jeans

Not a day goes by where we don't see a skinny-jean outfit on a celebrity, street style star, or co-worker, there is something extra special about seeing them on all of you. Ahead, we have selected 10 of our favorite skinny-jean outfit ideas that you put together, discovered in the depths of Instagram. Again, this story is a tribute to our stylish readers, proving once and for all that we frequently learn a style trick or two from all of you out there. Keep up the good work! We could not be more proud. 

Keep reading to see 10 stylish skinny-jean outfit ideas and shop our favorite pairs here.