These Beauty People Know Their Stuff—Here Are Their Holy-Grail Skincare Products

If you've ever wanted to know how beauty people get their skin glowing, you'll want to keep reading. Skincare is one of my personal beauty obsessions, so I always take the chance to ask aestheticians, editors, and beauty insiders about the products they can't get enough of. Right now, I'm not just interested in the products they use, but rather, the holy-grail skincare products they love so much, they would hoard every last bottle if they ever heard it would be discontinued.

Ahead, beauty people are weighing in about their can't-live-without-them products for the glowiest skin in the game. From the face oil one of the most in-demand facialists swears by to the at-home mask to use when you can't visit the spa to the $8 moisturizer an editor loves as much as expensive finds, these are the 24 best skincare products to add to your medicine cabinet, according to experts.


Melanie Grant, founder of Melanie Grant Skin, Chanel skin expert
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Biologique Recherche Huile Fondamentale (price upon request)

"You'll always find a multiuse product like this one in my bathroom vanity. Following a bath or shower, I'll apply Huile Fondamentale all over to keep my skin supple and hydrated (sans grease!). On days that I have a little more time, I'll lather the oil to the ends of my hair as a pre-shampoo treatment, keeping it on for 20 minutes before rinsing it out."


Courtney Higgs, beauty editor, Who What Wear
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Michelle Li, fashion and beauty editor, stylist, Teen Vogue
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Carrie Barber, owner and creative director, Make Beauty
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Jimena Garcia, Chanel brow artist
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Kat Suico, freelance beauty editor and consultant
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Erin Jahns, senior beauty editor, Who What Wear
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Biologique Recherche Creme Iso-Placenta (price upon request)

"I've been on bad beauty editor behavior and have gotten a number of relatively severe sunburns on my face this year. (Trust me—I'm ashamed to admit it!) That said, one silver lining is that I've discovered the magical healing powers of this newly reformulated face cream from holy-grail French skincare brand Biologique Recherche. Normally, my face can't tolerate heavy creams like this, but I'm blaming some kind of witchcraft because my skin can't get enough. I rotate between this and the Crème Verte Espoir A.R.($100), and between the two, my last horrible sunburn (complete with peeling) practically disappeared overnight. It's highly regenerating, which also makes it great for acne-prone skin, and deeply nourishing as it's strategically designed to biomimic the properties of the human placenta. I know that sounds a little crazy, but the proof is in the pudding!"


Megan O'Neill, senior beauty editor, Goop
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