The Most In-the-Know Beauty People Told Me 30 Products They're Obsessing Over

I have a thing for great beauty products and find that I’m always testing out new drops—in part because of my job as an editor, and in part because I’ve always had a passion for great skincare and makeup that I can trace back to some pesky breakouts from middle school. Ever since, I’ve been interested in finding out about the coolest new products to hit the beauty scene. My most trusted source for advice? Beauty insiders.

I regularly chat with beauty people for their thoughts on the latest in the industry. From editors to estheticians to makeup artists, these insiders have access to the newest beauty-world trends and all of the coolest product drops before they launch. It’s part of their job to spend days testing out new formulas and seeing which products work for them and their clients. Always curious to know which beauty products actually live up to the hype, I asked some of the most in-the-know experts to share the best new beauty products they can’t stop using. Ahead, discover the finds they want you to know about.

Maya Allen, beauty director, InStyle Magazine



"With more time at home, I’ve been leaning into scent therapy and lighting candles like crazy to keep my spirit high and the vibes right. A key player in my self-care tool kit is this candle created by the inimitable Alicia Keys. It’s my “EOD” candle that signifies to my mind and body that it’s time to wind down. The beautiful blend of sage and oat milk burns slow and steady, smells like a warm hug, and pairs perfectly with a hot cup of tea."

"During dull winter months when I’m craving a summer glow, this serum works overtime to give my skin a lingering radiance that lasts all day. Packed with a potent dose of vitamin c, zinc, and antioxidants, I lather a few drops on in the morning and can trust that my complexion will dazzle through a Zoom-filled day. I’ve been testing this serum for months and have been foregoing foundation completely because of how hydrated and luminous my skin looks. I know, it’s a pretty penny but you’re worth the investment."

Kathleen Hou, beauty director, The Cut



"If I could give this lash curler to every person who has said, 'I'm scared of eyelash curlers' or 'They don't work,' I would. This lash curler is a little wider and flatter than most, so it works great for people with hooded eyes or who don't want to leave any lash behind. Unlike other lash curlers which crimp, this feels like a bear hug. Thanks to a cushion-y lash pad, it gently, but effectively shapes your lashes into a perfect Nike swoosh. It also has a double-prong handle, so you don't feel like you're putting your lashes into a vise, you need to exert the slightest of pressure to make it work. This is the beauty product I use the most."

"This serum is like the Ocean's 8 of serums, because it features so many skincare star ingredients. Among them, fatty acids, niacinamide (the Rihanna, maybe?), multiple types of hyaluronic acid, peptides, and more. All of them combine to assist you in your caper for 'Glass Skin.' But beyond that, on the skin, it simply feels good—moisturizing, supple without feeling sticky, and nourishing. It never pills or gives you what I call skincare boogers. Plus, it does great, fast work at reducing hyperpigmentation. One reviewer called it 'witchcraft in a bottle' and I'm inclined to agree. Great work, Alicia Yoon!"

Melanie Grant, founder, Melanie Grant Skin Health and Chanel skin expert



"The Lip Balm by Augustinus Bader is my new favorite lip salve, it's super nourishing, non-sticky, and long-lasting. The formula includes Bader's famous TFC8 complex which is the secret ingredient in their cult- creams and products."

Biologique Recherche Crème Elastine (price upon request)

"I'm loving the new Creme Elastine by Biologique Recherche. It instantly hydrates whilst still feeling super lightweight and breathable on the skin. It's infused with hyaluronic acid, silk extract, and niacinamide to restore and fortify my skin."

Sara Tan, beauty editor, co-host, Gloss Angeles podcast



"I miss my regular appointments at the nail salon so much, but until things go back to normal, I'm stuck painting my own nails at home. The only problem is I am terrible at it and I'm also incredibly impatient. Luckily, Olive & June's latest product helps dry my wet mani in less than two minutes—I am not even kidding. All you need is a couple of drops on each nail and voila—a beautiful, shiny, and most importantly, dry mani in minutes."

"I can't remember the last time I wore a full face of foundation, but I still put on a little tinted moisturizer and concealer from time to time. I have recently fallen in love with Marc Jacobs' latest concealer because it's exactly what I look for in a coverage product—it conceals any redness or blemishes, but still looks really natural, like my skin, only better. It's also infused with caffeine and gives my skin that extra little boost to look more awake—who doesn't need that? What I also love is that I was able to easily find a color that matched my skin. It can sometimes be difficult to find a shade that has yellow undertones, but I was so impressed with the brand's shade offerings. I'm a Medium in 240."

Cyndle K, Chanel makeup artist



"It’s the most beautiful shade of reddish-brown with hints of metallic flecks that catch the light when you blink. Using this shade is the perfect way to change up your eye makeup routine and add a little color while keeping it chic and modern."

"This is the perfect moisturizer to help sooth sensitive or easily irritated skin. It’s my go-to on set for when I am working with talent, I can trust it will always do the job and wear well under makeup. It’s lightweight, hydrating, and fragrance-free."

Pam Arias, content creator



"This is the one beauty product I can't live without. I use this product every day. The triangle-shaped tip is perfect for creating natural fuller brows. It's a must in my beauty bag!"

"My lips have been a bit dry lately from wearing my mask and this immediately gives my lips the hydration and nourishment they need. It's colorless, lightweight, and most importantly, non-sticky. I also love that it's fragrance-free, vegan, and clean!"

Dianna Cohen, founder and CEO, Crown Affair



"My new holy grail of highlighters. The consistency of the formula perfectly melts into your skin to give a warm and elegant glow without any sparkle. The rounded top allows for simple application in the high-beam spots—namely the cupids bow and inner corners of eyes."

"On days that I don’t clock my needed seven hours of sleep, this duo makes me look like I slept like an angel. Dieux’s Forever Eye Mask is a reusable eye patch that holds any serum or cream close to the skin for maximum absorption—I pair it with my favorite eye cream from Drunk Elephant, and the area around my eyes is brighter and hydrated all day."

Jessica Monzalvo, founder, SKIN by jem and makeup artist and esthetician



"PAPAYA GLOW is an ultra-hydrating all over oil that leaves my skin plump and dewy. The unrefined & cold-pressed oils help to conquer breakouts, reduce redness and hyperpigmentation. I love applying it on damp skin to seal in more moisture. I also love that I can use it at night as an oil cleansing treatment to remove my makeup– even waterproof, def a must-try!"

"Lip glaze #1 is all I've ever wanted in a lip gloss! It's naturally colored, naturally flavored, and leaves my lips super juicy. The texture feels like an oil/gloss hybrid which is perfect. It's a must-try if you hate sticky gloss. It wears really well throughout the day and the applicator is perfect!"

Jenna Rosenstein, beauty director,



"I’ve been wearing and testing mostly clean makeup during quarantine, and this mascara is by far my favorite find. It adds the perfect amount of lift and definition for Zoom but is still so easy to wash off with just warm water at the end of the day. I was tired of wearing makeup that was made to perform in my old life—long-wear lipsticks, impossible-to-remove mascaras, waterproof liners. I don’t need that much wear these days, but I don’t want my makeup sliding down my face, either. This is the Goldilocks of mascaras."

"You know a product is good when you get to the end and start fighting with the packaging to get every last bit out of it. That was me with this refillable, super-moisturizing, and aluminum-free deodorant. It took me several months but I finally finished the whole stick and can now buy a refill pod instead of an entirely new tube. It’s so genius and the case is so chic for such a utilitarian product."

Stella Simona, content creator and co-founder, Amarilo and Haati Chai



"When it comes to creams I love something that's rich and creamy. This one is exactly that and packed with rich ingredients such as bakuchi seed and lotus flower."

"The skin on my body is just as important as the skin on my face. This is incredibly moisturizing and leaves my skin very plump and supple."

Marianna Hewitt, influencer and co-founder, Summer Fridays



"Our new Summer Fridays Cloud Dew Oil-Free Gel Cream Moisturizer is the best! I use it every morning in my skincare routine, followed by an SPF. It is fragrance-free and so light yet hydrating and wears perfectly under makeup."

"I can’t live without my Dyson Airwrap. It dries and styles my hair so quickly and I can keep a blowout for a few days. I love how it styles my hair and I don’t know how I ever lived without it."

Shani Darden, celebrity esthetician



"I’ve been obsessed with my newly launched Intensive Eye Renewal Cream. It’s such a luxurious hydrating eye treatment to keep your eyes looking bright and youthful. A lot of richer eye creams can only be used at night, but this one can be used in the morning as well. It works great under concealer! Another benefit is that you can also use it on the eyelids to help fight crepey, sagging eyelids."

"Another thing I’ve been loving lately is Dr. Nigma’s Treatment Mask No 1. It’s a deeply hydrating sheet mask to keep skin plump and glowing. As a bonus, it also has the perfect amount of extra serum in the pouch that you can use all over your body to get the full benefit. It’s an incredible treatment!"

Carrie Barber, owner and creative director, MAKE Beauty



"If you follow me on IG, you know how obsessed I am with the Naturium Plant Ceramide Rich Cream Moisturizer. This is one of the most luxurious creams I have ever keeps my skin hydrated all day, while also strengthening and restoring the skin barrier over time thanks to the ceramides. It also plays very well with makeup. All that and it's only $25. Run, don't walk...and buy two."

"Some may say I am biased, but the MAKE Sculpting Lash and Brow Gel is a makeup product I cannot live without. I have used this brow gel for years, and I love it because it defines and sculpts brows, keeps them in place all day without getting crunchy."

Sean Garrette, licensed esthetician and global ambassador, Fenty Skin



"Hydra Vizor is lightweight but nourishing moisturizer and Sunscreen. It's a chemical sunscreen so it doesn't leave a white or purple cast and gives the skin a beautiful hydrated glow. Sunscreen is the most important step in your skincare routine. It's important to find one that you love and will use every single day."

"This a new Black and Woman of Color-owned indie skincare brand. This product is amazing at helping treat acne (especially maskne), but really works well on treating hyperpigmentation. I've been suffering from some new hyperpigmentation caused by maskne, and this product has been incredible at helping smooth texture and lightening dark spots."

Biba de Sousa, founder and president, Biba Los Angeles



"The product is a must for anyone who is dehydrated or has dry skin. It dramatically decreases water loss and improves natural skin barrier structure. It took me years to formulate the right characteristics of the Cream Barrier. When I wash my face in the morning, I feel that the water bounces off my skin!"

"My skin is quite sensitive and this mask gives an instant brightening without drying or stinging sensation.  Literally, I would have a quick solo masking party in my bathroom. This mask makes me happy."

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