42 Chic Spring Shoes That Will Make You Look Like You Work in Fashion

The best spring shoes



I don't know about you, but every year around February, I start to get very tired of my winter wardrobe and just want to shop for dresses with flowers on them and shoes that let my feet see the light of day. That time has come, and I just sifted through thousands of shoes on dozens of retail sites. Needless to say, my wish list of spring shoes has grown exponentially since yesterday.

Among the shoe trends that are well represented on the market so far this season are platforms, ankle ties, retro sneakers, ballet flats, wedge heels, square toes, ruching, and sculptural heels (whew!). Some of these trends are continuations from previous seasons, and some are brand-new, but no matter how long they've been around, they'll all give your outfits that in-the-know, fashion-person look (it's a thing)—trust me.

Ready to shop 42 pairs of incredibly chic shoes? Go forth!

I don't know if I've ever loved a pair of shoes more.

I honestly can't stop thinking about these perfect mules.

It doesn't get more on-trend than these.

Between the color, the croc, the wedge, and the price, these are so good.

Run, don't walk, to get yourself a pair of platforms.

Satin and brown are a very pretty match.

You should probably hurry because these are selling out.

It's called foot jewelry, and I support it.

Re/Done makes sneakers now, and of course they're perfect.

'Tis the season for sherbert shoes.

Blue is having a moment this season, so embrace it.

I think these just convinced me that I need a new pair of red shoes.

You're going to wear these a lot.

Our team is collectively obsessed with Manu Atelier shoes.

I recently bought these, so I guess you know how I feel about them.

There's room for linen in every spring wardrobe.

Never met a BY FAR shoe I didn't love.

I expect to see these all over Instagram soon.

Just another pair of Bottega shoes to covet.

FYI: Gray is set to be the new beige.

Luckily for your foot comfort, ballet flats are back.

You'll want to wear these beauties a lot (except when it's raining).

Can you blame me for really wanting these?

Have a beach vacation coming up? You probably should buy these.

Pretty sure I owned similar shoes when I was 5, but that's not stopping me.

These will look so cool wrapped around the bottom of your pants.

Yes, you need a pair of pumps in this color.

Flip-flops for people who didn't think they liked flip-flops.

These will sell out fast, as all Amina Muaddi shoes do.

I'd wear these with a black dress on vacation.

Can you see why the fashion crowd loves this Aussie shoe brand?

Couldn't forget to throw a Zara pair in there, now could we?

Next up, 41 cheap(ish) items to buy if you're tired of keeping up with all the trends.