4 Shoes to Toss by Age 25


Collage Vintage

We frequently talk about age-pegged content as it relates to 30 year-olds, but as someone who is about to turn 25 in just a few months, I'm a huge advocate for preparing for the quarter-life crisis I'm about to enter. I know, I know, 25 is still a young age, but it's also a milestone, in my opinion. It's a time to reflect on your younger years, your education, your first career, and of course, your style evolution.

Speaking of style evolution, I can almost guarantee that there are a few wardrobe choices you've made pre-25 that you might not regret, but that you definitely don't need mocking you in your closet any longer. Here I'm going to walk you through the shoes you should toss by age 25. From worn athletic shoes that could be hurting your body to ambitious high heels you wore in college, it's time to face the facts—you're getting older, and your wardrobe should be a reflection of that.

Go on to find out which four shoes you should ditch by the age of 25, plus the ones you should buy instead.