And Now, the Easiest Party Look of 2018

Sequin jumpsuits



Just in case you haven’t already heard, the holiday season is quickly approaching. Party invitations are well on their way, which means your schedule is about to get a lot busier. Naturally, you’re going to need to figure out what to wear. Sure, you could opt for a foolproof skirt or a chic two-piece suit, but why not wear a sequin jumpsuit this season? You know, to live a little. 

With a season filled with festivities, planning your sartorial decisions for every occasion can feel like more of a task than anything else. However, an embellished jumpsuit will make your process of holiday dressing significantly easier, and it’s also a cool alternative to your standard party dress. To be honest, we couldn’t think of a better way to stand out at all your holiday fêtes.

Ready to trade in your dress for a cool jumpsuit? We’ve pulled together our favorite sequined jumpsuits that’ll have you shining bright all night long. Shop them all below.

Galvin makes some of the most elevated pieces.

Be sure to wear some gold accessories with this.

If you're working with cooler weather, this jumpsuit will be perfect.

Now, add a pair of these pretty drop earrings.