The 21 Top-Selling Lingerie Items at Nordstrom

Lingerie is a tricky beast to tackle. The importance of fit and material is something lingerie brands and designers cannot stress enough. It's not hard to see why considering these are pieces you not only wear every single day but also have direct contact with sensitive parts of your body. In other words, buying lingerie is no walk in the park. But what if we told you there was a way to find out which bras and underwear are the most liked and valued across the board? Ones that women are screaming about at the top of their lungs (on the internet, at least)? Would that help you narrow down your lingerie shopping journey? We think so. 

We were able to tap into our data here at Who What Wear to find out which lingerie items are the best sellers on our site. That means that from stories like this, this, and this, all of you lovely readers have made some pretty major purchases, and we very much trust your judgment on that front. Below, you will have the chance to shop the 21 best-selling lingerie items from one retailer we know you love and trust, Nordstrom. Nordstrom is known for carrying some of the best lingerie brands in the industry, which you will see repeated multiple times below. 

From the perfect T-shirt bra to underwear you'll want to wear for the rest of your life, get ready to shop the 21 top-selling lingerie items on Nordstrom and be sure to read up on the customer reviews about each product that stood out to us the most. 


"I have bought this bra multiple times, and it is a staple in my closet. It is worth the money and keeps it shape for a VERY long time! I can't recommend this bra enough." — Kealday


"I love the fit and the comfort of this bra. As I get older, I feel that bras get more annoying to me; they either pinch or move around without a good fit. I'm glad I found this bra. I'm going to get a few more in different colors." — teel00


"Love this product. It is a really comfortable bra and true to size. I love that it has pretty lace, which is not transparent. Looks great under T-shirts, etc." — Clairey1


"Natori is by far my favorite bra brand. It fits like a dream, holds up over time, and just keeps going. Great coverage with just enough." — ElksMommy


"The best cotton undies in the world. Cute, comfy, cool, thin and no panty lines. Now they are tagless!" — Shoebacca12


"This is a great bra. It is so soft and comfortable. It has a great push-up quality even with no wire. I got the light pink, which was a great color. It is almost more than a full size smaller than your regular size, so go up when trying this one out." — ECR88


"I don't understand how they do it; it's like magic! These underwear fit everyone from extra small to extra large, and they do not show anywhere! I can't believe I finally found a pair of panties that don't show through a tighter pair of pants." — Meeggie


"I usually buy the hipsters and thought I'd try a high-waisted pair during the anniversary sale. They're super high on me because I'm petite but perfect to wear with my high-waisted pants and jeans. This brand of seamless underwear is my absolute favorite." — Nmommn


"I wish I could give bonus stars! These underwear are fantastic. So comfortable, so supportive, and pretty! These work great under a form-fitting dress." — AuntieBex


"Can I give these 10 stars?! They're by far the best underwear you'll ever wear. I’ve worn these for over a decade, and I still have never found anything better! They were the only underwear that fit through pregnancy, and the only ones comfortable over my fresh C-section! They last forever, too, even if you accidentally put them in the dryer." — Madsmom618


"Fits well! An affordable must for any fashionista!!" — ColletteD


"Best bra I've ever owned! Super comfy and no desire to tear it off after work. I especially love the fact that the padding is not too thick. Being a 36D, I hate when the padding is so thick it makes me look bigger! Fits true to size, and I bought in other colors as well. I hope Natori never gets rid of this bra." — GildaSantiago


"I had tried several other strapless bras and always had issues, mostly with them not staying in place. This bra is a game changer. Just wore it for the first time for about six to seven hours and completely forgot about it the whole night. It wasn't until I was changing for bed that I remembered I'd been wearing a strapless bra! It stays perfectly in place. Very, very pleased with this purchase." — TAp0


"My favorite underwear to wear under my workout pants. Love the original rise and this color is great!" — MamaJKP


"This bra is perfect under T-shirts and thinner fabrics. The fit is incredibly smooth, so there are no visible lines where the cup starts." — emmcru


"This is the best brand bra ever. The support is good, and the material is so smooth. A Nordstrom associate turned me onto this brand while she was doing a bra fitting for me. I have purchased nothing but this brand ever since. I think I have about 15 of these bras now." — Gail777


"These are the most comfortable underwear ever. They're cute and flattering, don't show, and I can't think of anything I'd change (other than having a million more colors because they're seriously that great). I have the matching bra, and it's a winner, too!" — esot


"Best T-shirt bra on the planet. Don't even question it; buy every color! It runs true to size. I'm a 32D and I ordered that size." — maxbes


"Incredible fit and great at minimizing. Truly perfect for plus sizes!" — devls24 


"LOVE at first wear! I bought this bralette at the Nordstrom sale and ended up buying two more because I loved it so much. This is by far the most comfortable bralette I have ever owned. The thick straps are so comfortable, and the soft material is perfect. I would like to buy one in every color!" — StephanieBM


"After looking high and low for a great racerback bra I finally found the perfect one. It is very comfortable and most importantly it fits perfectly!" — Bibidav

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Ed. note: Reviews have been edited for clarity. 

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