36 Cult Beauty Products to Buy When You're Bored

I've made many recommendations in the past about fashion items to buy when you're bored, but I think it's time to show your beauty product collection some love. I'm by no means here to promote buying things you don't need just because you're bored. Instead, my advice is to use downtime wisely and shop for items that you'll actually use often (and may even make your life easier). 

I'm a bit of a self-professed beauty junkie, and I have trouble resisting products that become cult favorites (whether instantly or over the years). I also love a good under-the-radar find, but products become cult favorites for a reason, and if they're good enough to generate buzz (worldwide, in many cases) and tons of positive reviews, they're good enough for me to try. So instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram again, why not take the time to scroll through this slideshow? You might find a product that could transform your beauty routine for the better. Oh, and none of them is over $100.

This groundbreaking treatment truly delivers on the self-proclaimed hair-perfector front. Not only that but it also works on every hair type and addresses a variety of hair concerns.

This is the best eye color I've tried (and I've tried a lot), hands down. You can't go wrong with any shade.

After trying this incredible hair oil once, I'm not going back to my pricier ones.

This spot treatment has proven itself to be wildly effective over the decades (yes, decades).

Pretty much everything Glossier makes is a cult favorite, but this non-greasy, everyday sunscreen is one the latest to fly out of stock.

Celebs (and everyone else) agree that the perfect nude lipstick exists, and it's called Pillow Talk.

Truth be told, nothing has transformed my skin as much as this.

I'm here for anything that makes doing my nails myself easier.

This adds a hefty dose of polish to your 'do when you don't feel like blow-drying it.

Beauty girls (and fashion girls) lose it every time J. Hannah releases a new unique nail color.

I love that this glow-inducing treatment can be used on a nightly basis. 

This moisturizing lip balm looks amazing on everyone. I'm particularly fond of it in the summer.

Finally—a chic body lotion that actually makes a difference in your skin.

This has 10,000 reviews and almost five stars on Sephora. Why would you put anything else under your eyes?

Even at my most exhausted state, when I put this on, my skin looks instantly bright and refreshed.

Those who prefer dramatic lashes (sans extensions) prefer this thickening, conditioning mascara.

I actually look forward to putting this glistening sunscreen stick on, and that's saying a lot. 

Fans of this hydrating, vitamin-rich primer say it helps their makeup last longer.

Like your lips but better is really the best way to describe this perfect, universally flattering lip color.

A quick spritz of this after applying makeup will give it a glowy, natural look.

This natural-looking highlighter palette hasn't been on the market for long, but it's raking in the fans.

This wildly affordable hydrating elixir suits all skin types.

Blush that doesn't need to be reapplied all day and comes in a slew of stunning shades is a small miracle.

Of all the new CBD beauty products on the market, this muscle-soothing one is one of the most buzzed-about.

Many of the 9000 (!) reviews swear that your makeup won't budge when wearing this setting spray, no matter what.

Is this expensive? Yes. Will it be the best lip balm you've ever tried? Probably.

I actually use this Charlotte Tilbury gem as a subtle bronzer, and I'll never go back to my bronzer-less existence.

This French-girl favorite is my makeup remover of choice. 

I don't often get facials, but this makes me feel like I've had a really good one.

This lightweight, long-wearing foundation comes in a whopping 50 shades.

People swear by this beloved oil for a variety of skincare concerns like scarring, stretch marks, and fine lines.

If you've been wanting to try this miracle cream, now is the time. It comes in a new mini size.

Don't let the price scare you. This natural-looking concealer will last for over a year (at least in my experience).

Take 30 seconds to put this on at night; wake up with perfect skin.

This is a hit among British celebs like Victoria Beckham, Cara Delevingne, and Kate Middleton.

Face wash isn't the most exciting thing to shop for, so make it easy on yourself and buy this legendary, "gently powerful" one by Fresh.