I Did My Research: This 2022 Denim Trend Is Taking Over

And just like that… There's a new denim trend that's officially taken center stage. If you've been following the trajectory of jeans over the past year, you probably noticed how things are getting looser, longer, and generally less fitted. We have the Y2K resurgence to thank for the return of the baggy jeans that defined the early aughts, and just like with any good nostalgic trend, the modern-day iterations we're seeing are less exaggerated and more wearable. Enter the 2022 trend that's defining the year: relaxed jeans.

Like its early aughts counterpart, this new wave of denim has that distinctive slouchy, lived-in feel, and fashion people can't seem to get enough.

Relaxed Jeans vs Straight-Leg Jeans

Before we go any further, I want to clarify the difference between these relaxed fits and classic straight-leg denim. The two are similar, but there's an important distinction. While straight-leg jeans are a specific denim shape, relaxed jeans describe the type of fit, so you could have a pair of straight-leg jeans that have a relaxed fit, but you could also have a straight-leg pair with a classic fit instead. In short, the two aren't mutually exclusive.

To get a better idea, I'm sharing a handful of relaxed jeans that run the gamut, from wide-leg to bootcut shapes and, yes, even some straight-leg pairs. Shop the best relaxed jeans on the market right now, and see how fashion people are styling the top denim trend in the coolest ways.

where to shop relaxed jeans



Style Notes: Add some structure to the looser denim with the help of a strong-shouldered jacket and sleek boots.

This best-selling style is a fashion-editor favorite.

Honestly, $25 is such a steal for this top trend.

relaxed jeans style



Style Notes: "Dad" sneakers and a baseball hat add to the casual vibe of the jeans for a perfect weekend ensemble.

Style Notes: Fashion people love to balance the jeans' roomier feel with a fitted top.

Naturally, Urban Outfitters is cornering the '00s-inspired-denim market.

Style Notes: Relaxed-fit jeans in a straight-leg shape and classic blue wash are the perfect entry point into this trend.

best relaxed-fit jeans



Style Notes: Replace your lounge pants with relaxed jeans—just as comfortable but a tad cooler.

Get ready to spot this exact pair on a celeb in three, two, one…

relaxed-fit jeans



Style Notes: Try a pair with a slightly longer hem than you typically take, and let them pool around the ankle.

The perfect combination of trendy and basic.

Style Notes: When in doubt, heels or heeled boots will instantly elevate the jeans.

how to style relaxed jeans



Style Notes: Try balancing the jeans' baggy shape with something classic like a trench coat.

outfits with relaxed jeans



Style Notes: Don't overthink it—basics like a plain turtleneck and shoulder bag pair flawlessly here.

These make the low-rise trend seem downright easy to wear.

best relaxed jeans outfits



Style Notes: Relaxed jeans with an oversize button-down shirt is the unofficial spring uniform of fashion people everywhere.

Relaxed bootcut jeans are quickly becoming my favorite.

Style Notes: An oversize jacket might seem like too much volume for the jeans, but in fact, it only adds to the overall cool vibe.