And Now, the Best Quality Sweaters, According to Our Editors

It's no secret that when the temperature starts to drop, sweaters become a permanent fixture in your outfit rotation. But when your trusty favorites start to pill and lose their touch over time, it can be a chore to have to keep repurchasing new stock. Shopping for sweaters can be difficult because while a sweater may look good, quality and comfort also come at top priority. Instead of having to test out the waters yourself, I reached out to our trusty editors for their go-to sweater picks that have passed the WWW quality test. Safe to say they provided, and if there's anyone that knows style and quality, it's our team

From versatile classics to trendy prints, we've got you covered. Keep scrolling to view the quality brands to add to your everyday fall wardrobe below. You never know if you'll discover your new favorite.


"I don't know what the brand's secret is, but no matter how low the price point, my H&M sweaters have consistently proven to retain their shape and quality over the years. Not to mention they keep me very warm during the blistering New York winters. Whether you're looking for classic styles or trendy ones, H&M should definitely be your go-to."—Lauren Eggertsen, senior fashion editor 


"The worst part about sweaters is their tendency to pill. I've owned The Soft Cotton Square Crew from Everlane for three years and can confidently say it has never pilled or lost its shape because it's made of a sturdy cotton fabric instead of a loose knit. It's not as luxuriously soft as some sweaters, but I actually like that because it has more structure to it—especially considering that the neckline of other sweaters can get droopy over time, but this one doesn't. And yes, it's super comfortable!"—Erin Fitzpatrick, senior news editor


"Mango's pieces always hit on the current trends but also have a timeless element, so I know they'll be in my closet for seasons ahead, and their great knits are no exception. Right now, I'm eyeing their amazing knit bras, sweater sets, cardigans, and half-zip pieces, which I have a feeling I'll be living in for the months ahead."—Kristen Nichols, senior editor

& Other Stories

"Maybe it's because & Other Stories is headquartered in Sweden where the temperature almost never gets very hot, but dang, do they know good knitwear. I've washed and worn many of their sweaters an endless amount of times, and they still look essentially new. The price point also feels fair for the quality and design."—Kat Collings, editor in chief


"Dôen makes the type of sweaters that are worth saving up for. Plus, the styles they dream up are pretty timeless, so I find myself wearing the same ones year after year. Anything and everything Dôen sells out pretty quickly, so I'm always on their site as soon as the new releases come out (sign up for the emails, folks). Right now, they have great chunky cardigans and plenty of classic crewnecks that you, too, will wear for years to come."—Allyson Payer, senior editor


"Rails creates the softest and longest-lasting sweaters you'll want to wear season after season."—Jasmine Fox-Suliaman, audience engagement editor